Artist In Focus: Andy Eversole

Andy Eversole, Musician, World-Traveler, and a 2024 Artist Support Grantee

Have you ever wanted to explore the Amazon Rainforest or the peaks of Peru’s Andean mountains? Perhaps the allure of India’s diverse culture, China’s ancient traditions, or the vibrant scene of Mexico and Brazil? Through his collaborative music approach, Andy Eversole blends his roots of Appalachian banjo with the soundscape of the places he travels, bringing communities together through the universal language of music. Through his collaborative approach to music-making, Eversole not only blends melodies but also builds a sense of connection, all while infusing a touch of UFO and alien references along the way.

After growing up in the mountains of Kentucky, Eversole moved to North Carolina at ten years old. His love for music started in his teenage years, inspired by the sweet tunes of bluegrass and rock & roll. After playing with several bands, he started his own initiative, Banjo Earth, a documentary production where Eversole travels to different countries to collaborate with local musicians.

“It always comes back to the people’, says Eversole. Being able to share stories, exchange folk music styles, and communicate through music is at the heart of his work.

On his various travels, Eversole absorbs the music of the area and then writes music inspired by it on the road. Most recently, he experienced the Day of the Dead in Mexico, a day when Mexicans connect with and honor their ancestors. Eversole recounts the dress, music, food, and traditions of the experience and translates that into songs for his upcoming record.

As an Artist support Grantee, Eversole received funding to help support his fifth project in the Banjo Earth series, traveling around Mexico creating a music album and documentary film to explore and share the local culture.

"My projects are very large and expansive in scope”, says Eversole. ”The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is really beautiful in that it helps me to achieve those things. They bring together a community of people creating”.

If you’re interested in learning more about Andy Eversole’s work, you can visit his website at for memberships, music, and project support. You can also check out Andy’s music on Spotify, get a sneak peek of his Banjo Earth project on Youtube, or follow Banjo Earth on social media.

With a tagline that resonates – “Peace through Music. Community through Creation.” – Eversole continues to unite communities worldwide, one banjo strum at a time.