Artist In Focus: Megan Lagueruela

Megan Lagueruela, fiber artist and artist support grantee

Cruising down the road, you might slow down to marvel at the architecturally graceful arch of a bridge. Most people would see a structure; for fiber and clothing artist Megan Lagueruela, she sees the sleeve of her next creation.

A stitch, a button, a scrap of fabric – Nothing goes to waste when Lagueruela creates a piece of wearable art, highlighting her commitment to sustainable practices. Every item is created with a pattern resulting in no waste or leftover textiles are re-interpreted into new pieces. Through her various sources of inspiration and this zero-waste mindset she applies to her work, each piece is eco-friendly and unique. She is hands-on through the creative process from start to finish, dyeing, weaving, and sewing the fibers, resulting in a piece that is comfortable, inclusive in gender, and interpretive in how you wear it. Lagueruela wants wearers of her clothing, from models to customers, to feel confident and themselves in the pieces she creates. For her, there is nothing more fulfilling than to see someone enjoy interacting with her articles of clothing.

Before diving into clothing and fiber art business, Lagueruela pursued a fine art path, honing the technical skills necessary to build her practice. “There are so many aspects that go into being a professional artist,” Lagueruela explains. There’s inspiration, of course, but specialized skills related to clothing creation, mathematics, and business management are crucial too. Her experiences, from her scholastic background to her time in furniture manufacturing, equipped her with the necessary tools to balance financial books, accurately price her work, and create durable, high-quality clothing that captivates the eye.

Photography by Alycee Bryd. Find her work on Instagram.

Reflecting on the challenges brought by the pandemic, Lagueruela acknowledges the setbacks she faced in launching her collections. “I sell tangible goods”, says Lagueruela. “Without beautiful images, I can’t expect consumers to spend the considerable money my pieces require.” The Artist Support Grant came to her aid, enabling her to hire a reputable local photographer to capture her work in a way that resonates with her audience, showcasing three seasons of her collections.

You can discover Lagueruela’s creations online or explore her exhibits at craft shows across the nation. With her dedication to sustainability and her keen eye for artistic expression, Lagueruela continues to redefine the boundaries of wearable art, leaving a mark on the world of fashion and fiber art.

For more information on Megan Lageruela and her work, you can visit her website. Check out her online collections to support the intersecting fields of local business and art!

The ACGG’s Artist Support Grant program is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.