Artist In Focus: Michael Clapp

Michael Clapp, Architect, Multi-media Artist, and Artist Support Grantee

Explore the world of constructed thought experiments through the lens of architecture with Michael Clapp, an artist whose passion is to spark conversations about issues affecting our everyday experience and life’s big questions through his diverse artwork.

With a background in working within the complexities of our built environments, Clapp often utilizes fabrication as a means of exploring the essence of visual composition and material experimentation. Take copper, for example, a metal we often associate with shiny pennies or weathered green patinas. Clapp transforms this familiar material into something entirely new through chemical oxidation, inviting viewers to reconsider its possibilities.

Clapp’s work is built on a philosophy of exploring questions from different perspectives. His latest series, “Eclipsed,” on display at the GreenHill Center for NC Art, delves into humanity’s quest for clarity. Inspired by NASA’s tradition of naming missions after Greek mythology, each artwork in his “Coeus Missions” embodies the pursuit of resolution. Much like space missions, Clapp’s pieces embark on a journey to explore visual phenomena from fresh angles.

Thanks to a 2024 Artist Support Grant, Clapp has the resources to explore the “Eclipsed” series in an expanded body of work. He aspires to enrich his hometown of Greensboro and its dynamic arts scene with probing works that invite interpretation. Reflecting on his support from the Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, Clapp emphasizes its role in nurturing creativity and shaping the local culture.

“The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro helps to give voice to creative production in our community”, says Clapp. “The organization is truly a catalyst of culture”.

You can experience Michael Clapp’s thought-provoking creations firsthand at GreenHill’s current exhibition, “Leap: Artists Imagine Outer Space,” running from March 16 to June 29, 2024. Stay updated on Clapp’s upcoming projects by visiting his website or following @schemata_studio on social media.