Artist In Focus: Taylor Allison

Taylor Allison, Textile Artist

Beyond merely binding materials, artist Taylor Allison sews together a sense of community through their textile art. 

Raised in North Carolina, Allison started their artistic career at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, adopting a process-oriented approach to their craft. Their dynamic soft sculptures not only showcase a personal fixation on textiles but also embody their conviction that sustainable practices forge connections between individuals and nature.

Emphasizing the creation of accessible spaces for art, Allison practices creative placemaking, inviting viewers to transform into active participants. In many of their fabric installations, visitors are encouraged to rest, read, explore, and directly engage with the artwork, fostering inclusivity across age groups. 

"All too often, art can feel exclusive to those outside the art world. I want to make it accessible."

Their mission is to challenge this perception by extending invitations to people to immerse themselves in the artistic experience. Textiles, with their myriad colors and textures, play a sensory role in prompting interaction. 

 Allison’s recent work centered around plants and flora, mirroring their interest in permaculture practices. Their first solo show at Greensboro Project Space, Fabric to Flora, featured a work titled “Big Leu”, which is inspired by a native plant called Dog Hobble. Their work lives somewhere between imagination and observation, drawing on the objects we encounter regularly and transforming them into something whimsically tactile.

Resting in Allison's work, "Diorama"

Each year, the Dunleath Neighborhood near downtown Greensboro, hosts Porchfest, a grassroots music and performing arts event where the community turns their front porches into venues. As an active member of the neighborhood, Allison contributes to the community spirit by constructing interactive installations that bring art beyond traditional galleries and into the spaces where people live and play. 

As an Artist Support Grantee, Allison received funding to purchase needed supplies for the project. “Without the grant I received from The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, I could not have made the Porchfest installation”, says Allison. “It helped me to vamp up my work”. 

With their overarching goal of advancing their artistry and establishing a permaculture residency, Allison continues to showcase their work across North Carolina. To stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions, you can follow Taylor Allison on Instagram at kta_kreations or visit their website.

Porchfest will be held June 8, 2024 in the Dunleath Neighborhood. Go to The ACGG’s Events Calendar to learn more!