Artist In Focus: Tiffany Albright

Tiffany Albright, filmmaker and arts organization leader

When we talk about trust, it’s easy to conjure images of trust falls, daring leaps of faith, and those cheesy team-building exercises we’ve all endured at corporate retreats. But for Tiffany Albright, a filmmaker and the recipient of a 2023 Artist Support Grant, trust takes on a whole new meaning. It’s exemplified by a group of students, colleagues, and neighbors who, with unwavering dedication, transformed into tattered zombies, shuffling through the night for Albright’s latest short film, “Live from the Graveyard.”

Albright, a visionary in her field, firmly believes that filmmaking is a collaborative art form, and this sentiment resonates deeply throughout her creative journey. Whether as a filmmaker at Lunar Kitchen Films, the Director of Communications and Operations at the North Carolina Theatre Conference, or the Founder of the Queer Fear Film Festival, her creative influence extends across various disciplines. Creating space in film for women, LQBTQ, and BIPOC communities, she seeks to infuse her genre films with an authenticity grounded firmly in reality. In doing so, she forges genuine connections with her audience, offering them a visceral and deeply meaningful experience through the lens of horror cinematography.

Filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren works with the cast and crew of the science fiction movie Nemesis Eterna. The filming took place in Winston Salem, NC. Photographed, Tuesday, November 2, 2021, in Winston-Salem, N.C. JERRY WOLFORD / Perfecta Visuals

A self-proclaimed “theatre kid” since her formative years, Albright’s love for storytelling has guided her creative career. Initially focusing on writing, journalism, and documentary filmmaking, she honed her storytelling craft through rigorous academic pursuit.

Although originally from the Greensboro area, there was a time when Albright doubted if she could fulfill her professional creative pursuits while remaining local. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon the abundant artistic support and resources available in the region that she realized her dreams were indeed within reach.

When people unite under a shared vision, something magical happens. Trust, collaboration, and the amplification of voices lie at the core of Albright’s creative work, and her impact radiates throughout our community like ripples in a pond

Tiffany Albright, Founder and Festival Director of Queer Fear Film Festival, with filmmaker Tim Connolly (2022)
Tiffany Albright (writer/director) on the set of the short film Keepsake