Artist In Focus: Carrie Plew

Carrie Plew has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Her mother jokes that Carrie started dancing as soon as she learned to walk. Growing up, she took ballet and tap classes as her introduction to dance. Carrie enjoyed the many lessons and performances as a young child, but in the 5th grade, Carrie attended a choreography workshop that changed her perspective on dance. At age 10, this was the first time she looked at dance as a professional career.

For the past three years, Carrie has studied the theories of Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis, working toward her certification as a Certified Movement Analyst. The program studies the conceptualization of movement and provides a deeper understanding of the body in motion. In October 2022, through the support of Artist Residencies at both Dance Project and Creative Greensboro, Carrie presented her final project in the Hyers Theatre. The project was an evening of choreography inspired by the four main categories of Laban Movement Analysis: Body, Effort, Shape and Space.

As a choreographer, she strives to create a rehearsal space that prioritizes the dancer’s health and wellness. The series of Bartenieff Fundamentals exercises aims to train dancers and movers toward movement efficiency and injury prevention. While working to promote health in the studio, she also understands that her dancers need time outside of the studio for their personal wellness and rest.

As Carrie approaches the end of her project, she looks to be able to share these resources with the community for optimal impact. She believes that Bartenieff and Laban techniques don’t just apply to dancers but to all people who move their bodies. Carrie hopes that by sharing the benefits of Bartenieff Fundamentals, she can promote healthy living and healthy moving both on and off the dance floor.