Organization Highlight: iAlign Dance Company

iAlign Dance Company is committed to aligning Greater Greensboro with causes championed through community-building and art. Established in 2015 by Brittany Williams, iAlign is a non-profit dedicated to dance, education, and outreach. Over the past nine years, the community has actively voted on health or humanitarian topics such as bullying, homelessness, or child hunger, shaping their performances based on hundreds of community stories and professional consultations around the chosen cause. Community members, from ages 1-80 years old, are invited on stage to creatively share human stories addressing various issues. 

Inclusive participation is a core value at iAlign, extending invitations to everyone, from local police officers to next-door dentists. Brittany Williams, the founder of iAlign, strongly believes in providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get up and move. The mantra, “If you can move, you can dance!”, resonates throughout iAlign’s programming, emphasizing the importance of humility and alignment within the community to thrive collectively. This year, iAlign collaborates with students to craft a performance on the theme of breast cancer awareness, debuting at the University of North Carolina Greensboro on March 9, 2024, and in Durham on March 10, 2024. Beyond dance performances, community engagement is encouraged year-round through the iAlign Fitness Program, an annual September block party, Costume Dance-a-thon, summer camps for kids, and various programs designed to promote health, awareness, and movement.

The challenges of the pandemic affected iAlign students, many lacking the technical resources needed to stay connected and keep dancing. Responding to this need, Brittany Williams initiated an effort to collect and refurbish laptops, garnering national attention, and eventually providing over 900 laptops for Guilford County students. iAlign recognizes that the arts go beyond entertainment; they play a crucial role in building resilient communities.

iAlign’s work mirrors the Greater Greensboro community, making it essential for the organization to cultivate sustainable nonprofit practices. As one of the local nonprofits participating in The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro’s sustainability cohorts, Williams emphasizes, “We have grown and need to sustain the impact that we’ve created in our community.” The educational resources provided by The ACGG contribute to making the Triad a stronghold for the arts.