Organization Highlight: Triad Pride Performing Arts

Triad Pride Performing Arts (TPPA) originated 25 years ago in response to a need. In 1998, Anthony Moore, Chip Alfred, and Alexis Kiger began weekly trips to sing with the Triangle gay men’s chorus, realizing the absence of such a community in the Triad region. Recognizing the inconvenience LGBTQ+ individuals faced, having to travel to Raleigh, they founded TPPA in 1998, holding their inaugural concert during NC Pride in 1999. Today, TPPA has evolved into a hub for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, using performances as a means of advocacy and equality within the GALA Choruses network. Starting with a men’s chorus and then a women’s chorus, they’ve since expanded their offerings to include the Triad Pride Acting Company, Counterpoint outreach chorus, Theatre for All Program, and Kaleidoscope youth show choir.

TPPA’s impact extends beyond the stage. Cristian Albee, the Choral Artistic Director tells the story of one individual in the youth show choir who was so nervous to join that they didn’t think she would get out of her car. By the end of her time there, she ended up performing a solo. Stephen Hale, Theatre Artistic Director at TPPA, stresses the importance of providing a non-judgmental space for individuals who don’t fit stereotypes to share their stories authentically. “That’s the beauty of these programs,” says Hale. “Having watched the shows, it is impactful for audiences and performers to watch and be able to say ‘That’s my story up there’”.

The ACGG has supported Triad Pride Performing Arts through ARPA Project Support provided through Guilford County. 

“The ACGG has been a great supporter for TPPA over the years allowing us to expand our programming”

Participation in TPPA is open and inclusive. No auditions or commitments are required for the men’s and women’s choirs, while auditions for the acting company are posted for each show. For those who prefer to attend performances, TPPA’s full 2024 lineup is available online. Visit their website for more information and keep up-to-date via their Facebook page.