Organization Highlight: Women in Motion of High Point

Yolanda Grier, a local artist and author from High Point, found her path to empowerment through Women in Motion of High Point. “The sharing and uplifting I felt through that meeting went beyond business,” she recalls. “It was on a human level of caring.”

Established in 2017, Women in Motion of High Point is dedicated to empowering women authentically while providing professional networking opportunities. Recognizing the need for support in the community, the organization fosters personal growth alongside professional development.

Yolanda Grier
Yolanda Grier, Releasing
Yolanda Grier, Burst of Jubilation

Recently, Women in Motion secured Grassroots funding for the “Art of Emotional Wellness” event through its GWEN program at Centennial Station, home to the High Point Arts Council. Led by Grier, this workshop integrates creative writing, journaling, and painting as ways of healing. Grier sees creativity as a space of freedom and is eager to share its benefits with others.

Pam Baldwin, the Director of Women in Motion, acknowledges the impact of art on well-being. “We need to rest so we can run,” she emphasizes.

Women in Motion, photography by Grace Moffitt

Each season, Women in Motion focuses on different areas of development. This spring, emotional wellness is at the forefront, with art serving as a tool to achieve that. Using this time as preparation, they will switch gears in the fall, delving into burnout.

In addition to the GWEN program, Women in Motion hosts networking events, a women’s summit in March, and the Kitty Congdon Mentorship Series. The program equips women with skills to become effective mentors through strategic facilitation. Baldwin advocates for the power of these programs: “Women can work and create without support, but they are much better with it.”

Grier agrees, noting the impact of creativity within Women in Motion. As she infuses the organization with art, more women are embracing their creativity and finding their voices. “Many people aren’t familiar with the arts in High Point,” says Baldwin. The emotional well-being art event will expose over 75 women to the arts while lifting up Grier as an artist.

To learn more about Women in Motion and their upcoming events, visit their website at Don’t miss their networking nights on May 21st at Pennybyrn Retirement Home and on June 20th at The Finch House in Thomasville.