ArtsGreensboro Shared Services

When resources are scarce, it makes sense for traditional models to shift to allow organizations to use their staff capacity to focus on mission-directed activities and find new models and platforms to provide administrative services.

ArtsGreensboro has taken the lead in identifying pathways for organizations to find new, cost-effective structures using a shared services model. The Shared Services platform offers a long-term solution by allocating much-needed resources to multiple organizations for an affordable fee.

Currently, ArtsGreensboro provides accounting services to small and emerging art organizations at a fee of $40/hour. These services currently include accounts payable/accounts receivable, monthly bank reconciliations, cash flow analysis, budget development and tracking, and audit + 990 preparation. This is intended to provide essential services that enhance financial sustainability to partner organizations.

ArtsGreensboro’s Shared Services Program provides accounting and fiscal management services to arts organizations. The program now serves nine organizations, including Eastern Music Festival, NC Folk Festival, Casa Azul, Creative Aging Network – NC, and other small and mid-sized organizations. Services are provided at below-market-rate that provides cost savings to participants. Plans are to expand the program to fifteen organizations and provide additional resources such as human resource management. This program assists arts organizations with financial analysis and cash flow management to better position them for long-term mission-driven planning.

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Shared Services are supported in part by Guilford Merchants Association.