AG Making it Work: Why ArtsGreensboro?

By Graysen Shirley, Marketing and Development Intern

4 ArtsGreensboro employees standing in GreenHill Center for NC Art during the ArtsGreensboro annual meeting
Left to Right: Darlene McClinton, Chaunte Rankin, Leslie Buschmann, and Deb Ruffino.

As we begin a new fiscal year, it’s important to reflect on our “why”. ArtsGreensboro works to connect artists and arts organizations with the community to ensure that art is here to stay in Greensboro. In this month’s newsletter, read why each staff member chose to work in the arts and what motivates us to keep going.

side profile of Laura Way

Laura Way, President & CEO


“Working at ArtsGreensboro is a joy. Having art and creativity in our lives can expand our perspective of the world around us. It piques one’s curiosity, allows us to ponder and inquire, and teaches us the value of seeing things through new lenses and prisms. Every day can be exploratory when we use art and creativity as a part of our worldview. I love working here because we help arts groups and artists give us the gift of art and creativity each and every day.”

Head shot of Darlene McClinton

Darlene McClinton, Creative Community Engagement Officer

“I appreciate working at ArtsGreensboro because the environment fosters my greatest potential as a creative and community leader.”

Jordyn Whitted standing outside

Jordyn Whitted, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

“I enjoy working at ArtsGreensboro because I get to combine both my professional and artistic passions. I find it interesting connecting with the different artists and learning more about their unique stories. The arts are a valuable part of our community, and I love knowing I’m making a difference.”

Selfie of Chaunte Rankin

Chaunte Rankin, Director of Finance, Operations, and Shared Services

“The arts are something I’ve always loved: music, visual art, photography; being creative makes me happy. Finance is something I’ve always been good at. My position at ArtsGreensboro gives me the best of both worlds and fulfills in me a deep sense of purpose to do my small part to bring art to my community.”

Deb Ruffino standing in front of a marble wall wearing a black sweater

Deb Ruffino, Administrative Assistant

“I enjoy working here because I’ve always been interested in the arts. I have a history of working in the movie industry in California for 20 years and I really enjoyed being in that creative community…I’m in a position where I feel we’re helping people accomplish their dreams and that’s the most rewarding thing.”

Leslie Buschmann, Administrative and Database Coordinator

“I like working for ArtsGreensboro because of all the good that it does for artists and our local community. Our grant programs, professional development, shared services, and advocacy efforts enable artists to create and broaden their work while also learning business management skills for sustainability. This allows our entire community to flourish by keeping great, local talent, a growing arts scene for everyone to enjoy and in turn employment, revitalization and economic development. I love it when everyone wins!”

Stacy Calfo Headshot

Stacy Calfo, Marketing Consultant

“I have a passion for supporting organizations whose mission is vital to the success of Greensboro. ArtsGreensboro fits the bill and I look forward to continuing to support the organization and the amazing work its team does for years to come.”

Cydnee Mebane, Social Media Coordinator

“I enjoy working at Arts Greensboro because I love seeing the impact of what we do. When I go to an artist’s exhibit or project, watch a performance, or attend an event that was funded and supported through our organization, I feel so excited to know that we are directly affecting our arts community and the creatives that thrive in it. “

Ursula Williams, Shared Services Support Specialist

“Working at ArtsGreensboro has made me more aware of how influential the art community can be in our society and how much it needs to be supported. Although, I have been here a short time I have personally gained more knowledge than I knew that I can carry back to my own community.”

Rabia Kang, Intern from Emory University

“Art has always played a huge role in my life growing up. I am passionate in helping the local creative community and sharing the joy with others. I have truly enjoyed my experience with ArtsGreensboro and the unparalleled opportunity to learn what it takes to champion the amazing arts community as a development and marketing intern! “

Graysen Shirley, Intern from Elon University

“I have always been interested in the arts, and have loved getting to intern in marketing and development with ArtsGreensboro this summer. Everyone here is so creative and passionate about what they do, it is really inspiring. I have learned so much here, and it is something that I will always cherish and remember!”

Head shot of Charlotte Marcellus. A young white woman with wavy short hair, smiling.

Charlotte Marcellus, Intern from Appalachian State University

“[I enjoy working at ArtsGreensboro] because artists regularly cultivate their creative skill set, they possess a powerful problem-solving tool. ArtsGreensboro serves as a catalyst for change, identifying places desiring growth and empowering Greensboro individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve it. Being a part of that process with a team of people who genuinely care is both rewarding and inspiring.”

About ArtsGreensboro:

ArtsGreensboro invests in programs that provide access to the arts for all citizens, support arts integration in our schools, build capacity for our arts community, and unify the community through the power of the arts.

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