April 2022 Arts InFocus

APRIL 2022

Each month, ArtsGreensboro brings you stories about artists, arts organizations, and individuals whose lives are infused with creativity. Join us in celebrating our vibrant city.

Digital drawing for Ardenuir: Stone in the Sword

Artists In Focus

Dr. Vincent van gelder and natalie van gelder

instrumental music

Dr. Vincent van Gelder and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Natalie van Gelder, are excited to present Ardenuir: the Stone in the Sword. This composition is both a visual and musical experience; each piece created by Natalie pairs with the piano compositions of her father. The story they tell takes place in a fantastical world, where humans live in harmony with creatures of magic. At least, that was how things used to be a few centuries ago. It started slowly—the depletion of magic from the world—but in recent years, the very life force of mystical beings is starting to wane. Magic is all but gone, and this crisis only continues to grow worse. Desperate to save his people, the young king of Ardenuir forms a plan to retrieve a sword of legend. A sword imbued with the magic of a blessed crystal, with the power to end the drought of magic. That is if it truly does exist.Digital drawing for Ardenuir:the Stone in the Sword. This performance follows three heroes as they travel across the world, growing from strangers to good friends. The music develops alongside the characters, progressing and changing to represent different story beats and themes. This work will have its official premiere on May 20th, 2022, at 7:30 pm in the fantastic Virginia Somerville Sutton Theatre at WellSpring. Natalie’s art will be projected by a state-of-the-art laser projector on a 50-foot wall, accompanied by Dr. Vincent van Gelder’s live piano performance, allowing these stories to truly take life. For more information about Dr. Vincent van Gelder, visit vinarclassics.com, and about Natalie van Gelder visit her website. Her Instagram account can be found at @wyvern.witch. The performance on May 20th is a free, non-ticketed event. Learn more about the Virginia Somerville Sutton Theatre at WellSpring https://well-spring.org/theatre/.

Arts Happening

Art Alliance of Greensboro

Students practice arts and crafts outside.Come for the class; stay for the community. Art Alliance was formed in 1998 with the mission of providing quality art instruction and fostering a creative and supportive studio experience. Through our classes, community studios, and events, we provide opportunities for creativity to thrive. Well-trained in their fields, local and regional artists lead classes and workshops. Classes range from pottery and sculpture to drawing and painting. In collaboration with other community and arts organizations, Art Alliance strives to meet the art experience needs of Greensboro’s diverse community. In 2021, we forged a relationship and programming with three outstanding partners. In collaboration with D-Up of High Point, Wiley Elementary School, and Caldcleugh Recreation Center we were able to provide art exploration, education, and activities to underserved children ages 5-16. We are excited to announce we received funding from the Summit Rotary Club that will allow us to continue that programming!Students, residents, and artists practicing their artistic skills. Thanks to the generosity of our pottery students, the Art Alliance will be selling donated pottery as a fundraiser supporting their programs at the Spring Blooming Artist Market on April 1, from 6 to 9 pm in LeBauer Park. Be sure to stop by and support this great organization. Our upcoming pottery workshops include The Painted Pot: Line, Color, and Imagery with Bede Clark on April 30 and May 1, and Clay Geometry: Wet Altering and Precision Refinement with Amanda Bury on August 6 & 7. To learn more about the Art Alliance and register for classes, click here.

AG Making it Work

Celebrating iHeart Arts Month

In 2015, Greensboro City Council passed a resolution declaring April as iHeart Arts Month. ArtsGreensboro is celebrating with a DIY Public Art Scavenger Hunt that is fun for the whole family. Registration is free with the option of donating to the ArtsFund, a community-wide campaign supporting our local arts organizations and artists.

Be one of the first 75 people to register and make a donation at any level, and we’ll send you an ArtsGreensboro Creativity Happens sticker so you can proudly display your support of the arts.

The event runs from April 16 through April 30. You can share the experience with friends and family or go it alone. You have the entire two weeks to complete the hunt and discover all the unique art of Greensboro. There will be challenges throughout that will earn you points and possibly one of three prizes.

Register to participate in the scavenger hunt at artsgreensboro.org before April 14. On April 16, you will receive an email with instructions to download the scavenger hunt app and a code to begin the adventure. Each location will have a different challenge to complete and gain points. Prizes will be awarded for the most points won, best creative photo or video, and most thoughtful response. The hunt ends at 6:00 pm on April 30, with all winners announced on May 3.

Have fun, be creative, and discover (or rediscover) our vibrant Greensboro. Ready, set, go!

For more information and to register for this free event, click here.

My Art Story

Jordyn Whitted

ArtsGreensboro Director of Marketing and Public Relations

My journey with music began with an elementary school field trip to the North Carolina Symphony. In sixth grade, I joined the middle school beginner band. My mom took me to Music & Arts, and weJordyn Whittard in band class. found a used clarinet. At the time, my parents probably thought it was just a phase that I would outgrow once I got bored. I played my clarinet daily until finally, I did get bored. But instead of quitting, I asked my director to learn the saxophone. My parents were surprised to see me arrive home with an instrument almost half my height. More than ten years later, I’m Jordyn Whittard holds her saxophone.still playing the saxophone. I joined my high school symphonic band with my cousin, who also played the saxophone. For four years, we sat beside each other, playfully competing. Once I graduated high school, I assumed I was done with music. About a week into my first year of college, I found myself sitting in another band room with my saxophone in my lap. I participated in symphonic band, audition-only wind ensemble, and pep band in college and later helped start High Point University’s marching band. During my time in the marching band, I served as saxophone section leader for two seasons. Taking a chance with music opened up several doors for me. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different places in North Carolina and across the US. The band brought me some of my closest friends. Music served as a creative outlet for me; it gave me an escape from school and whatever was happening in the world. Working with ArtsGreensboro allows me to bridge my career interests and passion for music. I hope to inspire some other 11-year-old to take a chance and follow their creative passions.

Grantee Highlight

Music for a great space

Music for a Great Space (MGS) originated as an organ series to feature the Fisk Op. 82 organ, which resides at Christ United Methodist Church. MGS founders, Henry and Lucy Ingram, sought advice from colleagues and gathered a group of supporters to launch the concerts. After a few successful seasons, the Ingrams decided to branch out and invite other genres of artists and ensembles to perform in the series. Now offering seven concerts each season, with accompanying educational experiences, MGS presents culturally diverse programs featuring small ensemble and solo concerts. Remaining true to its history, MGS features two talented organists each season.

Finishing up the “Season Anew” 2022-2023 season, Musicians of Cascada de Flores.MGS will present a free, open-to-the-public event at Center City Park on April 8. In collaboration with Casa Azul, MGS will feature Mexican folklore ensemble Cascade de Flores in an evening of nostalgic songs and traditions of Mexico.

For more information about this event and all MGS events, visit their website.

"Support from ArtsGreensboro has come in such a myriad of ways, and we cannot be more grateful for the essential work they do here in Greensboro. In addition to the support they provide with grant funding for arts organizations, they have created a powerful connection within the arts community which allows us to help ourselves and each other, and to strengthen our offerings to our city."
Rebecca Willie, Executive Director of MGS