ARPA Funding Ignites Projects

The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is an active partner with North Carolina Arts Council strengthening communities and building local collaborations. Today, we delve into some of the inspiring narratives of the twelve projects made possible by ARPA Grassroots Program Support.

Carolina Theatre

Josephus Thompson, visionary behind the Poetry Project, has leveraged ARPA funding to create a space where poetry becomes a powerful form of expression, particularly for young people. By partnering with Carolina Theatre and the Greensboro Police department, they created poetry-based workshops and performances for the students of Lincoln Middle School. Thompson emphasizes the impact: “Poetry is a communicative art form that validates and uplifts voices. It becomes an outlet for positive attention, showing young individuals the potential of speech.” Performances not only celebrate diversity but also empower youth to believe that their voices truly matter.

Lincoln Middle Students participate in a Poetry Workshop led by Josephus Thompson III

Creative Aging Network-NC

At CAN-NC, Lia Miller’s collaboration with the Montagnard Dega Association (MDA) has preserved cultural heritage through backstrap weaving classes. Miller reflects on the initiative, stating, “Thanks to the ARPA grant, we’ve engaged 80-year-old Mrs. HDen Nie and Hluon Nie to teach weaving, ensuring equitable compensation and cultural continuity.” The classes have successfully engaged Montagnard youth, fostering the transmission of this authentic craft. Miller anticipates extending these classes to the public, contributing to the celebration of cultural diversity


Greensboro Opera

Greensboro Opera, honored to be part of “Black Heritage Day” at the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum, celebrates the legacy of Carol Brice. David Holley, head of Greensboro Opera, expresses gratitude: “As we plan for this summer’s follow-up event, we’re excited to deepen our partnership with Mt. Zion Baptist Church, bringing opera into the community.” This commitment aligns with Greensboro Opera’s mission to make opera accessible beyond traditional venues, fostering inclusivity.

The story extends beyond these few examples:

  • High Point Arts Council
  • Community Theatre of Greensboro
  • Dance Project, Inc.
  • Greenhill Center for NC Art
  • Triad International Ballet
  • Triad Pride Performing Arts
  • North Carolina Folk Festival
  • Casa Azul of Greensboro
  • The Art Gallery at Congdon Yards
  • Piedmont Blues Preservation Society
  • African American Atelier.

Each of these organizations plays a pivotal role in shaping our artistic landscape and underscore the impact of partnerships supported by The ACGG and North Carolina Arts Council.