Artist In Focus: Daron., Music Producer and Artist

Daron. is a music producer and artist from New Orleans and is set to release new music later this year.

By Graysen Shirley, Marketing and Development Intern

Daron. / Photo courtesy of Daron.

Daron. has always had a fascination with sounds and tones. Growing up in New Orleans, he was captivated by the region’s jazz melodies and unique character. He loved the process of making music and recording new harmonies. In middle and high school, he joined two bands — Something Under the Bed and 60 Watts — where he experimented with a variety of instruments and musical genres including pop. Daron.’s passions for songwriting and producing music later inspired him to pursue it professionally.

While working part-time at Apple, Daron. met Charlie Hunter, an American guitarist known for blending jazz and funk rhythms into upbeat tones. After listening to a few songs by Daron., Hunter helped him start releasing music out to the world. “He really pushed me to do the solo artist thing…and that’s kind of why I started releasing things,” Daron. said. Daron. has released over 10 songs and an EP entitled PUSH: Reimagined since he began producing songs as a solo artist in 2020.

Releasing PUSH: Reimagined was a turning point for Daron. as a music producer and solo artist. The EP was a remix album for Daron.’s friend, Jocelyn Mackenzie, who is a part of Ani DiFranco’s record label — Righteous Babe Records. Mackenzie previously released PUSH as her debut album in 2021. Getting to collaborate with Mackenzie and Hunter on remixing the record allowed Daron. to delve deeper into the creative process of producing music.

“It all focuses on trying to maintain the childlike interest in what you’re doing and using my tools for what I know the best for,” Daron. said when asked about what his creative process is like for producing music.

Daron. is a 2021-2022 recipient of the ArtsGreensboro Artist Support Grant. He is using the funding to help finish mixing and mastering his new album, Something Special. His new album infuses old and new harmonies along with lyrical songwriting to create an authentic sound that is different from his past singles. “I would say that this album was created out of the need to make something that I truly felt was something special and loved, and in an effort to make an album that I enjoy listening to,” Daron. said. Daron. said fans can expect his new album to be out later this year.

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