Artist in Focus: Katie Podracky

Paint Across NC with Katie Podracky

Miles Before I Sleep by Katie Podracky
Katie standing beside her painted canvas
Into the Thicket by Katie Podracky

Like most people, Katie Podracky found herself looking for a new hobby during the 2020 lockdowns. A spontaneous day trip to Haw River state park quickly turned into an NC state park challenge. The Podracky family raced across North Carolina, discovering each of the 41 state parks as shutdowns spread across the state. The family was making significant progress when a close friend raised the stakes: a painting per park. With her extensive background in art, Katie accepted the challenge.

Katie graduated from Washington and Lee University with a double major in biology and art. She then pursued a master’s in art at Savannah College of Art and Design and later education at UNC Pembroke. With this impressive background in art, Katie taught art in public schools for several years. Rekindling her connection with art helped her adjust to life with children. “I could have lost myself to motherhood,” says Katie. “Painting is my time to do what I want. It makes me feel human.”

Prior to the state park challenge, Katie mainly used oils on large canvases, but she switched to gouache and watercolors during her travels. She now sells a combination of these pieces in her online print shop, Katie Wall Art. On her website, she sells both her originals and prints, while also offering commissioned pieces.

Katie recently received an artist support grant from ArtsGreensboro which helped her launch her print shop and all the supplies she needs for her studio. “I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to grow and expand my passion with the world,” she says. Donations to the ArtsGreensboro ArtsFund help artists like Katie upgrade equipment and technology to help their careers flourish.

A canvas painting hanging above a dining room table with four chairs
Into the Blue by Katie Podracky

“Art is energizing,” Katie exclaims when asked about her passion for 

art. She recently began offering online classes to inspire others. She encourages artists at all skill levels to take time out to paint. Lessons are shared on her website, allowing viewers to advance at their own pace.

For more information about Katie Podracky, her print shop, and online classes, click here. To donate to the ArtsFund and support artists like Katie, visit

Away by Katie Podracky

Katie Wall Podracky is an oil painter and mixed media artist creating signature colorful paintings out of her studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. Southern, playful and full of joy, Katie’s work embodies over 20 years of exploring color, brushwork and the pure delight of moving paint on a surface.

To donate to the ArtsFund and support artists like Katie Podracky, click here.