Artist in Focus: Ron Harris

Step on Set with Local Filmmaker, Ron Harris

Ron Harris standing on set of his production of '100 City Plaza', filmed in the Greensboro City Council Chambers Room.
The set of 100 City Plaza
Ron Harris and Jordyn Whitted on set of 100 City Plaza.
Ron Harris and Jordyn Whitted on the set of 100 City Plaza

Since childhood, Ron Harris has always described himself as a loner. Growing up in a large family, Ron preferred staying to himself and observing the world around him. He would then take these observations and create stories to tell his friends and family. This hobby quickly became his favorite pastime, and he later pursued it professionally.

Ron, a proud alumnus of North Carolina A&T State University, chose classes that helped inspire him as a writer. Behavioral psychology and Creative Writing were two of his favorite classes because they challenged him to develop his characters and tell his stories better. “Behavioral psychology helped me understand how the environment helps shape human behavior; this is great for development, especially with this new series 100 City Plaza,” Ron says when reminiscing about his time in college. “The information from the class helped me create more complex characters and storylines.” Ron holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from NCA&T in Psychology and Adult Education and an MFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Creative Producing.

Actresses on the set of 100 City Plaza. One woman is standing wearing a security guard outfit with a white shirt. A woman wearing a blouse is sitting on the bench.
Photo Credit: Willie Kimbrough

Ron is a recent recipient of the ArtsGreensboro Artist Support Grant. He is using the funding to help film the pilot of his show, 100 City Plaza. The show delves into the corruption of local law enforcement in a small, southern city. While Ron cites shows like Narcos, Ozark, and We Own this City as inspiration, 100 City Plaza is unlike any other police procedural on TV. “Greensboro has a unique story to tell, especially on TV. Our city oftentimes gets overshadowed by larger cities like New York and Baltimore,” he says when asked about the setting of his show. The show is centered on Greensboro, hoping to relate better with local audiences.

Close up of an actor on set. He is an older Black man where a blue dress shirt and leatherhat.
Rehearsal of 100 City Plaza Courtesy of Willie Kimbrough

Filming for a 10-minute teaser for the pilot episode began in late June. The cast comprises local actors and is filmed in familiar places around the Triad. Ron believes that the Triad is “rich with art and filmmaking” and that he has a duty to tell local stories. Each episode will follow a one-hour episode arc, similar to other popular police dramas. “I like movies, but TV lasts longer. I can continue building this story beyond the time constraints of a movie,” says Ron. To learn more about Ron Harris and 100 City Plaza, please visit

A short film preview by Ron Harris. View more on YouTube

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