ArtsFund Goal Announced and Campaign Chairs Introduced

Songwriter/singer Laurelyn Dossett and Cone Health VP Bill Porter will oversee the campaign

ArtsGreensboro President and CEO Tom Philion announced on Wednesday a $1.1 million goal for the organization’s 2016 ArtsFund campaign.

Monies raised through the ArtsFund enable ArtGreensboro to provide major support to more than 50 arts organizations, artists, and teachers each year. For fiscal year 2016 (running July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016), ArtsGreensboro will provide local grants and community support totaling approximately $1.03 million. When the National Folk Festival and the Van Dyke Performance Space are taken into account, ArtsGreensboro will invest approximately $3 million in the community in FY16.

At a Campaign Kickoff event held at VCM Studio in Greensboro this evening, Philion introduced the 2016 ArtsFund Honorary Co-Chairs:

  • Songwriter/singer Laurelyn Dossett, who has collaborated on six original Triad Stage productions, including Beautiful Star, which is running through December 24, and
  • Bill Porter, Vice Chair of ArtsGreensboro’s Board and Vice President – Office of Fund Development for Cone Health.

Dossett provided an artist’s perspective. “I write songs to find new ways to communicate timeless concepts of joy and sorrow, love and longing, grief and celebration,” she said. “That’s what artists—no matter their medium—aspire to do.” Dossett underscored how important ArtsGreensboro’s support is to our entire community—especially artists, who receive funding through the Regional Artist grant program, and students, who benefit from dynamic K-12 arts education programs funded by Teacher Art grants, Mission Support grants, and Project Support grants.

Donations to the ArtsFund make all these grants possible.

Porter discussed the importance of the arts from a business perspective. “The arts are the lifeblood of our community and are a catalyst for accelerated investments in downtown. They are a major contributor to Greensboro’s renaissance,“ Porter said. “Businesses want to invest in strong communities—and the ArtsFund strengthens our community every day.”

Philion recognized ArtsGreensboro grant recipients in the audience, telling them how honored ArtsGreensboro is to support their efforts. One grant recipient, David Holley, Artistic Director of the Greensboro Opera, gave an impromptu testimonial for ArtsGreensboro, explaining that the grants awarded to the Opera support its educational programs, including “Meet Cinderella,” an event that took place in conjunction with the Opera’s production of La Cenerentola in August 2015.

Philion closed the evening by underscoring the importance of supporting the ArtsFund. “What many people don’t realize is that the ArtsFund is ‘real-time’ fundraising. ArtsGreensboro has already committed to provide grants this year to more than 50 arts organizations, teachers, and artists. And now—with the leadership of Laurelyn and Bill, and with the community’s help—we must raise the funds to fulfill those critical grants.”