ArtsGreensboro Announces Re-entry Grant Awards for Local Arts Organizations

ArtsGreensboro has announced that 23 local organizations have been awarded a Re-entry Grant to help recover and plan for post-pandemic services. The Re-entry Grant Program, supported by contributions to the ArtsFund campaign, provides operating or program support for established arts organizations in the Greensboro community.Eastern Music Festial musicians stand together for a photo after a performance. There were $205,000 of available funds, with the awards ranging from $5,600 to $10,700. Re-entry grant funds are intended to support personnel operation, technology upgrades and other operational experiences. The grantees include:
  • Art Alliance of Greensboro
  • Center for Visual Artists
  • Community Theatre of Greensboro
  • Creative Aging Network-NC
  • Dance Project, Inc.
  • Downtown Greensboro, Inc.
  • Eastern Music Festival
  • Elsewhere
  • Forge Greensboro
  • GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art
  • Greensboro Ballet
  • Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc.
  • Greensboro Literary Organization
  • Greensboro Opera Company
  • Magnolia House Foundation, Inc.
  • Music for a Great Space
  • North Carolina Folk Festival
  • Reconsidered Goods
  • Shared Radiance Performing Arts Company
  • The Choral Arts Collective Inc
  • The Music Academy of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Touring Theatre of North Carolina
  • Triad Pride Performing Arts

“The re-entry grants will be so Conductor at Eastern Music Festival.impactful for the organizations who suffered during COVID-19 closings,” stated the head of the ArtsGreensboro grants committee, Nancy Doll. “This funding enables organizations to grow and move forward with programming. I think it is terrific that ArtsGreensboro could provide this funding.”

Eastern Music Festival (EMF) received a grant award ahead of their upcoming season. “Each year, Eastern Music Festival enriches the lives of over 260 young artists, and we are greatly looking to our 61st season this summer,” stated Josie Greenwald, the development officer at EMF. “The funds from ArtsGreensboro will help us reengage our audiences, old and new, as we emerge into another successful season.” EMF is a nationally recognized classical music festival and summer educational program, providing encouragement and guidance to young musicians from across the country.

Actors of Triad Pride Performing Arts on stage.
Triad Pride’s performance of “Cake”

To make art more accessible, ArtsGreensboro is charged with amplifying the voices of diverse artists within the community. “Thanks to the generous support of ArtsGreensboro, we’re able to support the salaries of our staff members and our upcoming choral and theatrical performances happening this May and June,” says Kyle Kostenko, development director at Triad Pride Performing Arts. “We want to thank ArtsGreensboro for their support as we create entertaining, enlightening, and enriching experiences for the LGBTQ+ community and our allies.” Triad Pride Performing Arts consists of LGBTQ+ persons and their allies, who promote equality and social justice for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Triad Pride Performing Arts Choir.
Triad Pride Perfoming Arts full choir.

ArtsGreensboro would like to thank its group of expert panelists who helped disseminate grant awards. The panel members included Jasmine Beard, Calvin Odell Cleveland, Andrena Coleman, Kevin Gray, Steve Hayes, Peter Reichard and Kess Thongteum. “One of the pleasures of serving on the panel for the re-entry grants was seeing first-hand the breadth of work that Arts nonprofits are doing in our community, and how the applications reflected the great diversity of our community,” says panelist Steve Hayes. “The impact of these nonprofits goes far beyond their artistic mission. The arts are an important economic driver and employer and help address issues from youth development to the isolation of aging.  Arts organizations can bring us together as a community in a way no one else can.”

All images provided by Eastern Music Festival and Triad Pride Performing Arts.