ArtsGreensboro Announces Staff Changes to Better Serve the Arts Community

ArtsGreensboro, the largest alliance of public and private dollars supporting the arts in our region, announces staff changes to better position themselves to serve artists and arts organizations.

Jordyn Whitted has joined the ArtsGreensboro team as the new Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Whitted graduated from High Point University in Strategic Communication. Jordyn participated in wind ensemble, was the founding member of HPU’s marching band, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Black Student Union. In her role, she will be directly responsible for moving the ArtsGreensboro brand into a new era of community awareness to further position the arts as a major economic driver within the region.

“All people, regardless of where they come from or what they have, deserve to be inspired,” Whitted says. “ArtsGreensboro supports local artists and community members, making Greensboro a better place. I want to be a part of that support system for the community and impact someone’s life.”

Darlene McClinton, previous Grants Manager, is the new Creative Community Engagement Officer. McClinton will improve the organization’s service to diverse cultural communities, address historically marginalized and underrepresented artists and organizations, and lead the new Community Elevation Grant Program. She will continue to work one-on-one with artists and arts organizations to support their artistic and programmatic growth and impact in the community.

Chaunte Rankin, Director of Finance, Operations, and Shared Services will manage the day-to-day financial and office operations. She leads the Shared Services Program, which provides accounting and fiscal management services to arts organizations. The long-term plan is to expand shared services in the areas of human resource management, IT contracting, and collaborative purchasing.

As the Director of Advancement and Grants, Catena Bergevin will oversee the Grants Program, the annual fundraising campaigns, and other strategic initiatives that advance the organization’s efforts. Deb Ruffino will work with the Advancement Team as Grants Coordinator to better support Bergevin with the day-to-day activities of the grants program.

“Our goal at ArtsGreensboro is to support our arts community in a variety of areas, from grants to shared services to professional development. I believe the restructuring of our team is another step towards a bigger and more impactful organization,” says Laura Way, President and CEO of ArtsGreensboro. “We are continuing our push to make a more meaningful impact with the Triad as a whole. I look forward to even larger announcements about our organization in the coming months.”

With the economic hardships faced by many art groups due to the pandemic, ArtsGreensboro took the lead and raised over $100,000 for artist relief; lobbied for over $1 million in Federal CARES funding for the arts; and distributed over $750,000 to artists and arts groups through fundraising campaigns. ArtsGreensboro plays a significant role in the creative sector’s economic recovery and equitable growth. As we begin to experience a post-pandemic environment, the arts and culture industry will require significant resources to recover and reinvent. ArtsGreensboro plans to be at the forefront in providing equitable opportunities and resources for artists and arts organizations.