ArtsGreensboro Begins Active Listening Discussions in East GSO

ArtsGreensboro will host community forums for East Greensboro residents through August regarding the Community Elevation Grant Program.

GREENSBORO, NC—ArtsGreensboro and a team of volunteers are hosting in-person and virtual active listening discussions in East Greensboro through Aug. 6 as part of the Community Elevation Grant. The grant program was announced on July 1 and will meet throughout different community centers in the East Greensboro area.

The Community Elevation Grant Program is designed to facilitate positive community development for East Greensboro and provide opportunities for arts-based community projects centered on feedback and participation. ArtsGreensboro appointed a street team to conduct active listening discussions throughout the summer to develop a plan for the creative projects in the community. Community members have a direct say in how the community elevation grant money will be used. Each active listening session is free and open to the public. ArtsGreensboro was recently awarded $50,000 from the National Endowment of the Arts to fund the grant program.

Head shot of Darlene McClinton
Darlene McClinton, Creative Community Enegagement Officer

“This is an exciting time for community leaders to engage the East Greensboro community residents, stakeholders and families. We have also set up several communication channels, including the East Greensboro hotline where anyone can call and identify the needs of the community, and neighborhood association meetings to gain community input,” says Darlene McClinton, Creative Community Engagement Officer at ArtsGreensboro, who is leading the grant program. “Elevate your community and exercise your voice. ArtsGreensboro truly stands by that statement.” McClinton is a known artist in Guilford County and a resident of East Greensboro.

For more information regarding the Community Elevation Grant and the active listening discussions, click here or call the Community Elevation Grant hotline at (336) 279-7085.

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ArtsGreensboro invests in programs that provide access to the arts for all citizens, support arts integration in our schools, build capacity for our arts community, and unify the community through the power of the arts.

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