Call for Artists Greater Charlotte Region Atrium Health (Carolinas Medical Center) Lobby Gallery

About the Exhibit

Atrium Health has recently renovated their flagship hospital, Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) in Charlotte, NC.

As part of this exciting initiative, they have opened The CMC Art Gallery in their main lobby. They are looking for local and regional artists to submit pieces to be hung in this newly renovated, high-traffic space. Every three months the gallery will be filled with new art, chosen by committee. The artists chosen for each time period will be able to display 3 pieces of art. They will have wall space for paintings, and cabinet space for small sculpture, pottery, jewelry, etc. Information about the artists and how to contact them will be displayed by their work.

There will be a small Atrium Health selection committee, which will review all art submissions. They will be looking for art that creates a positive and welcome distraction for their patients and visitors. Pieces submitted should not be political, religious, or controversial. They want to promote healing, the community, and inclusiveness. Here are some guidelines when choosing what to submit:

The Atrium Health Mission: To improve Health, elevate Hope, and advance Healing – for all.

The Atrium Health Tree of Life logo has nine branches, depicting nine spiritual principles:

  • Gentleness – to be gentle with ourselves and others with our words and actions.
  • Justice – to treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Generosity – to take the time to acknowledge others in the midst of our busy lives and give them our undivided attention.
  • Humility – to recognize we do not know everything, and that others have much to teach us.
  • Prudence – to be intentional in what we take from others and what we give off to others.
  • Wisdom – to owning what we do know and sharing that.
  • Kindness – changes chemistry whenever we experience it. All thoughts and actions are experienced by others, and this gives us countless opportunities to practice kindness.
  • Loyalty – to our Atrium Health Mission that is key to our personal and corporate success.
  • Courage – to work with those in acute pain, to come to work some days given other happenings in our lives, and to practice all these principles on a regular basis in our earthly walk.

Every day more than 3,000 people walk through the CMC Dixon Lobby; a fantastic opportunity for local artists to showcase their talent while gaining tremendous exposure. Proposals for your proposed submissions should inspire positive reflection with a focus on our community; health, hope and healing. Truly original, unexpected and “outside of the box” interpretations are welcome and encouraged.

Details / How To Submit Your Work:

  • Final artist selection and notification: one month before installation.
  • There is no application fee. Any art sold while on display will be subject to a 15% commission to the Atrium Foundation to be used to benefit patients, staff, and the surrounding community.
  • Submissions will only be accepted by emailing photos of your submissions to this address:
  • Please include 3-5 pieces, a brief biography, a photo of the artist, the sizes and prices of each
  • Artists must be 18+ years old and live in North or South Carolina.
  • Selected artists will be assigned up to three spots on the gallery wall or in the display cabinet space.
  • Artists are responsible for delivering and picking up their artwork. Atrium Health will not be responsible for shipping or transporting artwork.
  • Each selected artist will be credited with signage in Dixon Lobby with their interpretation.
  • Selected artists will agree to all marketing and communication with a signed authorization release.

Annual Rotational for Submissions:

1st Quarter:

  • Submissions open from November 15th through January 1st
  • Chosen pieces delivered to Atrium Health by January 15th
  • Pieces hung by February 1st
  • Pieces taken down by April 30th

2nd Quarter:

  • Submissions open from February 15th through April 1st
  • Chosen pieces delivered to Atrium Health by April 15th
  • Pieces hung by May 1st
  • Pieces taken down by July 31st

3rd Quarter:

  • Submissions open from May 15th through July 1st
  • Chosen pieces delivered to Atrium Health by July 15th
  • Pieces hung by August 1st
  • Pieces Taken down by October 31st