Community Elevation Grant Program Launch

As The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro prepares to launch applications for the 2023-24 Community Elevation Grant Program, all eyes are on uplifting community voices in partnership with the Warnersville community. Warnersville, the first planned African American community in the city, has a rich history that is as vibrant as the community itself.

A Neighborhood of Pride and Evolution

Warnersville’s story begins in 1865 when Yardley Warner, a Pennsylvania Quaker, purchased a 35-acre plot and sold it to freed slaves who aspired to own homes. This visionary act laid the foundation for the first planned neighborhood in North Carolina, a testament to hope and determination.

In the 1920s and ’30s, Warnersville experienced a surge in population during the Great Migration. Families from surrounding states flocked to the area, and their contributions played a pivotal role in the construction of the iconic Jefferson Standard Building, which stands as a symbol of Warnersville’s lasting influence on Greensboro.

The 1960s brought a new chapter to Warnersville’s history as the neighborhood and surrounding communities joined the Civil Rights movement. Jibreel Khazan, one of the Greensboro Four and a native of Warnersville, played a crucial role in launching the Civil Rights sit-ins. This legacy of courage and activism continues to inspire and shape the community’s identity today.

In a recent sidewalk project in the Warnersville neighborhood, community members literally left their mark on history. James Griffin’s handprints shown on the right.

James Griffin, founder of the Warnersville Historical and Beautification Society, has taken up the mantle of preserving the neighborhood’s legacy.

He envisions Warnersville as a place that challenges stereotypes and stands as a beacon of significance. Griffin and fellow community members are actively working on projects such as heritage parades, beautification efforts, and memorial sites to breathe new life into Warnersville’s story. There is a story being woven in the growth of this community, building a resounding impact.

The Community Elevation Grant Program: Amplifying Voices

Using creative-based solutions to preserve enhance, and strengthen Guilford County neighborhoods, the Community Elevation Grant Program seeks to support artistic projects in partnership with those who directly benefit.

Applications for the Community Elevation Grant Program will open on October 23, 2023, providing an opportunity for organizations to contribute to the continued growth and vitality of Warnersville

Pictured left to right: Jaymie Meyer (Artist Services and Impact Officer at The ACGG), Dena Mills (Shared Services Bookkeeper at The ACGG), James Griffin (Founder of the Warnersville Historical and Beautification Society), and Lewvenia Parks (Community member).