Community Elevation Grantees

In our second year of the Community Elevation Grant Program (CEG), our grantees have been busy partnering with Warnersville community members to honor and elevate the interwoven relationships, history and creative pulse of the community with those who directly benefit.

African American Atelier

The African American Atelier is hosting The Artistic Roots program, a blend of artistic workshops, a community art project, artistic mentorship and the presentation at Community Day hosted by the Benbow Park Neighborhood Association on May 12, 2024, from 12:00-4:00 pm.

Creative Aging Network-NC

Creative Aging Network-NC, working with artist Vanita Bailey, are compiling a Heritage Cookbook to highlight the rich culture and traditions of the families in Greensboro’s first Heritage Community. These recipes are contributed by local community members, and cookbooks will be available for purchase this summer.

Gant School of Music & Jazz

Gant School of Music & Jazz is assembling an ensemble of young musicians aged 8-18 from the Warnersville community to perform a drumline. They will perform at Community Day hosted by the Benbow Park Neighborhood Association on May 12, 2024, from 12:00-4:00 pm. 

Shared Radiance Performing Arts Company

Shared Radiance is capturing and preserving the oral history and memories of those who have lived in or knew individuals from the vibrant Warnersville Community. Their film is in progress and will be shown for community members this summer. Partnership opportunities are in discussion for additional showing times.

TAB Arts Center

TAB Arts Center is building an ancestral garden in collaboration with Landscape Architecture students, Preservation Greensboro Incorporated, and emerging artist, Mila Cornelius who will create a three-dimensional piece to commemorate Warnersville. The piece will document the Warnersville neighborhood before Project Housing was built and will be located at Shalonda Poole Memorial Park.

Ancestral Garden coming to Shalonda Poole Memorial Park

“The opportunity provided by the Arts Council of Greater Greensboro and the Community Elevation Program to connect local arts nonprofits with the Warnersville community has had a profound impact. We hope to continue to see the partnerships between communities and arts agencies flourish. Seeing the children come together to create a mural while learning about the local artists from their community has been incredibly inspiring. It highlights the power that art has to bring people together and create positive change within our community.”

If you or your community are interested in getting involved or supporting the Community Elevation Grant program for the 2024/2025 grant cycle, please contact Deb Ruffino, Grants Coordinator at