Creative Aging Network Main Campus

Grantee Highlight: Creative Aging Network

Inspiring and Facilitating Healthy Aging Through Art

Creative Aging Network-NC‘s (CAN-NC) mission is to provide innovative arts programming and education to enhance older adults’ well-being and social connection throughout NC. Our campus serves as a site for intergenerational and multicultural engagement, collaboration, and education. Our vision is that CAN-NC will serve as a national model by inspiring and facilitating healthy aging through lifelong access to and participation in the creative arts.

Creative Aging Network Main Campus
Creative Aging Network’s Greensboro Campus

Creative expression is a fundamental human need that releases dopamine, reduces anxiety and stress, and can alleviate challenges associated with chronic disease. We believe that there is a creative talent within every person waiting to be released. Once triggered, it inspires inquiry and learning and promotes a sense of meaning and purpose. Research shows that older people who engage in professionally conducted arts programs take less medication, have fewer falls and doctor visits, and experience decreased loneliness, improved mood, and better overall health. Even those with no prior experience can reap the powerful benefits of art-making.

We currently have art by CAN-NC artist Veronica Grossi on view in our lobby and the Elder Arts Initiative Art Exhibition showcasing art by the residents at the aging services sites we work within North Carolina through June.

To learn more, visit or contact Lia Miller at or (336) 303-9963.

older adults holding up their paintings
Photo Credit: Creative Aging Network Staff

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