Greensboro City Council Passes Resolution Declaring April I HEART ARTS Month

ArtsGreensboro undertakes first-ever campaign that encourages residents to participate in, celebrate, and donate to the local arts community

Greensboro, N.C., April 8, 2015 Last night the Greensboro City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring that April 2015 is I HEART ARTS Month.

Spearheaded by ArtsGreensboro, the I HEART ARTS campaign will shine a light on the pillars of the local arts community—the arts organizations, artists, teachers, projects, and programs that deliver $118 million in annual economic impact locally and make Greensboro a vibrant place to live and work.

Throughout the month, people of all ages will have opportunities to participate in, celebrate, and donate to the local arts community. Studies underscore that students who are engaged in the arts achieve higher grades and stronger test scores. Participating in the arts not only drives student success, but also makes all of us better, more engaged—and happier—citizens.

ArtsGreensboro encourages all Greensboro residents—of all ages—to show their love for the arts in April by attending performances or exhibitions, auditioning for productions, creating artwork, and making a donation to the 2015 ArtsFund, the vehicle through which ArtsGreensboro financially supports the arts community through grants and other initiatives.

“If every Greensboro resident donated $1 to ArtsGreensboro during April, we could provide $275,000 in additional funding to arts organizations, artists, teachers, and arts-in-education initiatives that keep our community healthy and forge strong connections among our residents,” said Josephus Thompson III, local artist, educator, and 2015 ArtsFund Co-Chair.

I HEART ARTS Month is a great way to remind our community of the important role the arts play—every day—in making Greensboro a strong, dynamic community, one that we are proud to call home,” said Denny Kelly, Chairwoman of Bouvier Kelly and 2015 ArtsFund Co-Chair.

Many Greensboro businesses, retailers, restaurants, and arts organizations will be collecting donations for the ArtsFund throughout April. Those wishing to make a donation to the ArtsFund may visit or text ARTS to 91999 to make a donation using a debit or credit card.



The text of the I HEART ARTS Month Resolution, passed by the Greensboro City Council on April 7, 2015:


Resolution recognizing that the Arts are a cornerstone of our vibrant city and establishing April 2015 as the first-ever I HEART ARTS Month.

WHEREAS, the City of Greensboro is home to a thriving Arts community; and

WHEREAS, the Arts are an important economic driver for our City; and

WHEREAS, the Arts environment has never been more robust, based on demonstrated economic impact, the new Tanger Performing Arts Center and LeBauer Park, the annual 17DAYS Arts & Culture Festival, and the National Folk Festival’s upcoming three-year residency; and

WHEREAS, with all this new energy surrounding the Arts, it is imperative for Greensboro residents also to remember the Arts organizations, teachers, artists, and projects that ArtsGreensboro supports because they are the pillars of our artistic community; and

WHEREAS, the City of Greensboro encourages all citizens to show their appreciation for the Arts during the month of April 2015;


That, the month of April 2015 is hereby declared I HEART ARTS Month, when the entire Greensboro Arts community will be celebrated.

Adopted this, the 7th day of April 2015.