Guilford County’s Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry Showcases Resounding Economic and Social Impact

GREENSBORO, NC – December 6, 2023 — Guilford County’s vibrant nonprofit arts and culture scene is not just a source of inspiration; it’s an economic powerhouse and a catalyst for community well-being, as unveiled by the latest groundbreaking study from Americans for the Arts.

The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, Creative Greensboro, and the High Point Arts Council are pleased to collectively announce the results of this study to our unique and unified communities. The study, Arts & Economic Prosperity 6, revealed that the industry’s direct economic activity resulted in staggering numbers: $240 million in total industry expenditures in Guilford County and $235 million in the City of Greensboro during the fiscal year 2022. Moreover, the economic impact extended beyond financial figures, generating a substantial total employment of 4,335 jobs and contributing $134 million to the personal income of local residents in Guilford County.

Josephus Thompson III of the Poetry Café (Right) and 12-year-old artist, Zoe Kamiya, help to present the study results at the AEP6 press conference. Photography by Ivan Saul Cutler.

An integral component of the sector’s success was the significant event-related spending by arts and culture audiences, which totaled a notable $133.8 million. The study highlighted that attendees spent an average of $38.88 per person per event, with local attendees contributing $29.02 and nonlocal attendees contributing $53.43. These expenditures encompassed various areas, including food and drink, retail shopping, overnight lodging, local transportation, clothing, groceries, and more, further enriching the local economy.

But this isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s about the heartbeat of our community. Notably, the surveys conducted by Americans for the Arts indicated a profound appreciation for the social impact of the arts and culture within the community. With a majority of the audience expressing strong sentiments, such as the venue being an essential pillar for the community, a sense of pride being instilled, and a desire to preserve these cultural activities for future generations, it is evident that the nonprofit arts and culture industry is vital to the Greater Greensboro Community.

The comprehensive research conducted by Americans for the Arts included 78 of the 152 eligible nonprofit arts and culture organizations, showcasing the importance and influence of the sector. Through input-output analysis utilizing the IMPLAN platform, the study was able to illustrate the intricate economic interdependencies within the local economy, indicating a far-reaching impact that extends well beyond initial spending.

For more information about this study or to explore the cultural initiatives in Greater Greensboro, please contact The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.

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