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Photo courtesy of @jtimbermusic and @everything_goldiie / Art by @jeks_nc


ArtsGreensboro acknowledges the long history of racism, discrimination, and inequities against Black people, and we stand in solidarity with the community in the pursuit of justice. We stand with our community in the fight for justice and equal treatment. Throughout history, artists have challenged, spoken truth to power, and forced change. Whether it’s supporting their artistic talent to create music, paintings, murals, dance, and visual images that will serve as reminders and inspiration or using our platform and privilege to bring voice to the voiceless, ArtsGreensboro is dedicated to serving all citizens of our community.

While the past eighty-seven days since Guilford County and the City of Greensboro declared the State of Emergency has been traumatic for many in our community-individuals, families, local businesses, restaurants, artists, and arts organizations among them, the racial inequities and disparities in access to resources have been more pronounced in this time of pandemic crisis and civic unrest. The last few days and nights, in particular, have been filled with pain as we saw peaceful protests overtaken by chaos and destruction. 

It is our mission to increase access to the arts because we believe it improves the quality of lives and serves as a public good. We know that we cannot do this work effectively if we do not address inequity within our systems and stand united.

– Your ArtsGreensboro Family



Sometimes music education is as impactful on the performers as the students. Jazz pianist Julia Whalen said “One of the most rewarding parts for me is their questions.  I remember one student [when discussing improvisation] asking, ‘Do you always agree on what to play?’  That is such a smart question!”

Photos courtesy of

Music for a Great Space

In 2017, I had a conversation with Chad Eby, Professor of Jazz at the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program at UNCG.  Chad, along with colleagues across the country, have deep concerns with the startling lack of diversity in graduates of jazz studios.  During our conversation, Chad stressed the importance of introducing jazz at the elementary school level.  He also said “Students will learn about America’s original musical art form one way or the other, but it’s important for them to see the music live, and to see themselves reflected in the performers on the stage.”

And so the MGS Resident Jazz Quartet was born.  Saxophonist Ariel Kopelove was joined by pianist Julia Whalen, bassist William Ledbetter, and eventually drummer Xavier Ware, all alumni of UNCG’s jazz studio.  They have performed for over 4,200 students so far and are now featured in MGS’s Performances in Your Home series which you can find at www.musicforagreatspace.org/education.

As Ledbetter put it, “Playing for the kids is just as fun for me as it is for them… it is our job to introduce [them] to worlds beyond their imagination.”  Ware also shared “I never had programs like MGS that came to my school to perform, so being able to do this for these kids…wouldn’t change it for anything!”

To learn more about Music For A Great Space, please visit www.musicforagreatspace.org.


“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. This is how civilizations heal.” -Toni Morrison

Local artists collaborate on a commissioned mural at Elsewhere Museum in downtown Greensboro.

Greensboro Strong mural
BLM mural in downtown Greensboro NC
Black Lives Matter mural located in Greensboro NC
love vs hate painting in downtown greensboro nc

NC A&T Professor and Marketing Coordinator for Student Center, Xavier Carrington adds his artistic talent and expression infront of Just Be in downtown Greensboro.

greensboro nc community painting murals together

Art station set up with various art supplies by Vivid Interiors encourages community engagement.

artist painting a mural in greensboro nc

Beautiful piece on McGee Street in downtown Greensboro.

BLM mural in downtown Greensboro NC

Graduate of NC A&T, Jay Squids brings her art to downtown Greensboro. 

One Love One Heart mural in Greensboro nc

Autumn Beck and father Jeff Beck paint the front of the Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Local artist, Gina Elizabeth Franco, got to painting right away and is working with local businesses to assign available boards to artists.

artists painting murals in downtown greensboro

 East Carolina Alumni, Essence Imani Foster brought her creative expression to Elm Street. 

The Deron Family stands strong in front of #BlackLivesMatter mural at Vintage To Vogue on Elm Street. 

Downtown Greensboro nc murals

Phillip Marsh adds his art to Elm Street. Phillip also works with local businesses to bring many artists of color to downtown Greensboro.





To the right, Jenna Rice brings her talents to Crafted on Elm Street. 

artist painting in downtown greensboro
Trayvon Martin mural downtown greensboro nc
greensboro nc windows
stand up together mural in greensboro nc
Truth mural downtown greensboro nc
Mural in downtown Greensboro reads: Racism is Learned. What will you teach us?
radiate love mural in Greensboro, NC
heart mural in greensboro nc
Change mural in Greensboro nc
Mural reads Do Not Be Silent

Mural by Beka Butts (above)


Mural at Crafted The Art of Taco by @GinaElizabethFranco (below)

art in front of Crafted taco restaurant


we can fix broken windows painting in downtown greensboro
artist painting black lives matter mural
Mural in Greensboro NC Love each other or perish



Hello Greensboro! I am so excited to be living here and working at Elsewhere– it is a dream come true.

I want to share about a strange and wonderful project that I did a few years ago before joining Elsewhere. First, I should explain that I have an artistic alter-ego named Mather Seerlo who has a triangular hairdo and loves to sing and collaborate with people.

As Mather, I hosted an intergenerational Hair Fair at the Smart Museum of Art working with the artist Erik Peterson. This was a day of making monoprints with wigs attached to mop handles, making oversized wigs by gluing hair clippings to bicycle helmets, a hairdo contest judged by local salon-owner, and eating Kataïfi.

The event brought together people of all ages to do some very fun and strange things, touching on taboos while having pretty intimate experiences with strangers. I share all of this with you because it points to why I am so invested in Elsewhere’s mission: with people and things, we build collaborative futures. In this case it was hair. In other cases, it can be a nourishing meal with good conversation.


In all cases, people are brought together to dream and invent, in small and large ways, the world they want to be a part of.

To connect with Matthew or learn more about Elsewhere’s programs, visit goelsewhere.org. Or call 336.907.3271.

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