My Arts Story: Devin Lane

Photographer at The ACGG

I’ve always had a creative mind, but growing up I would have never considered myself an artist. In all honesty, I hated art class in school. As I grew up, I formed more of an appreciation for it, but still didn’t feel like the path of an artist was for me. It wasn’t until I got into photography in 2018 that my perspective started to change.

I started out taking pictures on walks with my dog using my smartphone, and I fell in love with it increasingly. As time went on, my business snowballed with more gigs and better equipment, Photography caused me to fall in love with the city of Greensboro, and I began to appreciate what made it unique and special. From there I began to help my peers with portrait-style photoshoots, which eventually led to me booking paid gigs.

I began to realize that camera was a tool for me to shine a light on my city and the unique individuals that give it its identity. As this concept soaked into my heart, I decided to make my business name A Shot of Positivity.

We live in a world that is filled with so much distractions and negativity. We are such a rush with our busy life styles that we don’t really appreciate the world around us. We are engulfed with social media to the point that self hatred, comparison and lack of confidence are at an all time high. As someone who has dealt with these things, I wanted to make a change. Whether I’m capturing the world or working on someone’s portrait, I want people to feel love for their environment or themselves when they look at my photos.

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Photography by A Shot of Positivity

Photography was the bridge that re-connected me with the arts. Art breaks all the rules of society. It brings us all together because it’s not limited by money, status, race, background or the many things that keep us divided. I love hearing other peoples stories and learning about their creative process. It keeps me motivated to keep going in my own craft and inspires me to find new ways to stand out.

Since 2022, I’ve been a part of the ACGG team as their photographer. It has been a wonderful opportunity to use my talents to highlight the talents of others. I love being able to work with ACGG because they are truly passionate about helping artist thrive, working to bring attention to the gems of Greater Greensboro’s arts community. On almost every shoot that I am sent, our clients express gratitude for helping promote their work. Even if I didn’t work with The ACGG, I would be just as thankful for their work because I know they care about artists like myself, giving us every opportunity to grow to the next level.

If you ever catch me downtown snapping some photos don’t be afraid to say hello! Check out my work on Instagram @shotofpositivity_