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The African American Atelier Celebrates 33 Years

African American Atelier Grand Opening in 1990

From Woolworth’s Sit-Ins of the 1960s to two of the most popular HBCUs in the country, Greensboro has always been at the center of Black history. With this rich history, there is no surprise that Greensboro is home to thousands of Black artists and creatives. In 1990, two pioneers saw a need and established a structure integral to the advancement of Black artists, the African American Atelier.

Dr. Alma Adams and the late Eva Hamlin Miller created a professional, non-profit art gallery that emphasized African American art to fill a cultural gap in Greensboro’s art community. As a result of the vision of Dr. Alma Adams and Eva Hamlin Miller, the African American Atelier has been serving Greensboro, NC, for 32 years. Since the organization was established, the African American Atelier, Inc. continues to lead the way in promoting African American art, displaying art from artists of color from diverse backgrounds, and promoting African American art enrichment for youth in the community. Annually, the Atelier’s programs serve thousands of youths, adults, and seniors of all socio-economic backgrounds.

The organization has featured many local, regional, and national African American artists and other artists through year-round, annual rotational, group, and solo exhibitions. Throughout the past 32 years, the African American Atelier has organized numerous shows that continue to elicit conversations and encourage artists to be their authentic selves through representation, such as Branches & Braids, A&T Senior Show, Women’s Month Exhibition, and Authentic: QTBIPOC Exhibition. Additionally, the African American Atelier has grown into a uniquely creative space. It features exhibitions, forums, gallery talks, events, and educational seminars to celebrate the contributions of African Americans and other ethnicities.

In the eyes of many, the African American Atelier, Inc was the first art gallery to believe in the talents of artists of color. They continue to promote new and upcoming artists of color and seasoned artists in the Greensboro art community. Join the African American Atelier celebrating its founders with its 32nd Annual Founding Member Exhibition. The show honors the founders by exhibiting the artists who first envisioned what the Atelier would become as well as showcasing the new artists who are the direct result of the founders’ vision. The show features works from Eva Hamlin Miller, James McMillan, Ashley Griffin, John Rogers, Henry Sumpter, Michael Pendergrass, Kai Kambell, Vandorn Hinnant, and Barbara Bray.

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