Organization Highlight: JOYEMOVEMENT Dance Co

Alexandra Warren

JOYEMOVEMENT Dance Company was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Joye Warren. JOYEMOVEMENT’s mission is to tell stories of the African Diaspora that inspire audience members and participants to reexamine embedded societal ideas. Alexandra hopes to ignite reconsideration and propose alternative understandings. The organization strives to explore the future grounded in historical context and artistic activism.

The company’s repertory includes works involving emotion, flow, and an intimate connection between the artists at work and the audience. Alexandra and her team are passionate about creating a dialogue that has the opportunity to spill off-stage and into the community.

Alexandra Joye Warren was named the Inaugural Artist-in-Residence for the Greensboro Downtown Parks in 2021; during this residency, she collaborated with Elsewhere Museum and the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society in the development of her original “choreo-play,” A Wicked Silence. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Performing Arts at Elon University and Director and Choreographer for the Music Theatre program. Alexandra completed the Yale University Summer Directing Workshop in 2021, and her most recent projects include 42nd Street (Director), A Wicked Silence (Playwright, Director, Choreographer), and Movin On’ (Choreographer), a new work in development by Julio Matos and John Franceschina.

JOYEMOVEMENT has performed regionally and toured nationally at many colleges, universities, festivals, and conferences, including Opening Night of American Dance Festival and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in collaboration with activist Bree Newsome.

The organization offers several classes and workshops for youth and adults across North Carolina. The classes include community-based workshops centering on embodying narratives, connecting with others, and site-specific work. JOYEMOVEMENT has a team of talented instructors skilled in modern and contemporary dance, ballet, yoga, Afro-contemporary, jazz, and other dance styles.

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