Organizational Sustainability & Resiliency

In February 2023, The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro launched the New Creative Investment, funded by Guilford County and NCAC, with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. A key initiative under this program is Organizational Sustainability and Resiliency. Phase 1 is the Pathways to Sustainability, using a Matrix Map developed by Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Consultancy.

For three months, the 27 arts groups worked with Steve and Katherine Mooring, The ACGG lead consultant, to assess their current business models and the sustainability of their programming. To do this, each group completed an organizational Matrix Map. On May 24, over 60 arts leaders and board members gathered to discuss their findings and build a plan.

What is a Matrix Map?

The matrix map is an engaging tool that turns an organization’s business model into a dynamic visual integrating the organization’s mission impact and financial viability. The matrix map is created by assessing the mission impact and profitability of each mission-specific and fund development program.

What’s the point?

With many still grappling with lingering impacts from the Great Recession, nonprofit arts organizations across the U.S. have faced unprecedented economic and social instability since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As the Guilford County arts sector struggled to rebound, The ACGG saw an opportunity to deepen organizations’ understanding of their business models and strengthen their abilities to adapt them intentionally and effectively for an ever-changing and unpredictable world.

According to Katherine Mooring, the Pathways to Sustainability “equips each organization with data and tools to make ongoing strategic decisions as the environment in which they operate changes. From financial modeling exercises that evaluate the true cost of delivering programs and services to participation in learning cohorts centered around key themes supporting long-term sustainability, organizations are building their capacity for resilience through new ways of working. This work can be exhausting and liberating.”

Throughout the time organizations worked on their Matrix Map, one-on-one coaching was available-an incredible opportunity for each organization to access the expertise they would not have had available if it had not been for The ACGG. Each unique arts organization contributes to the vibrancy of Guilford County, making it home. The ACGG is committed to supporting these arts organizations, ensuring there is art and creativity for generations to come.