Our Arts Story: Come Together at the NC Folk Festival

Jeghetto at Family Stage during 2019 NCFF (Photo by Lynn Donovan)

This week we are doing something a tad different with this section. My Arts Story is Our Arts Story—the stories we can all tell if we have a chance to attend this weekend’s NC Folk Festival. The NC Folk Festival holds a special place in our community’s heart. Thousands upon thousands attend, big and small, newborn to those who have done more than a few turns around the dance floor. They come for the music. The fun. The food. The artist’s goods and wares. They come alone or with a group and become a collective. Together we are a foot-stomping, singing, dancing group of folks who love our folk, blues, country, funk, and gospel.

The NC Folk Festival was born out of Greensboro’s desire not to lose the energy of the National Folk Festival that we hosted from 2015- 2017. So ArtsGreensboro leaned in and started NC Folk Festival. After a few years, the Festival, under the steady leadership of Amy Grossmann, her wonderful staff, and board, became a standalone organization. The NC Folk Festival is focused on ensuring free, accessible programming is available to all who want to attend. Hundreds of partners help ensure the success of the Festival. And for this, we are grateful.

All of us at ArtsGreensboro will be at the Festival. We have a special tent and welcome you to come by, play games with us, and discuss how we serve you as your arts council. But, most importantly, we want to hear how you are doing. And hear your very own art story. There’s an artist inside us all, waiting to be unleashed.

4 ArtsGreensboro employees standing in GreenHill Center for NC Art during the ArtsGreensboro annual meeting

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