Our Arts Story: Give Back on Giving Tuesday

a woman singing at the John Coltrane Festival
John Coltrane Festival by Nia Tate Photography

November is a great time to reflect on all the things we’re thankful for and how much we have. At ArtsGreensboro, we’re especially thankful to live in such a dynamic and vibrant arts community like Guilford County. Every corner of this county is covered in art, from the ornate sculptures on display in our parks to the vivid murals across the downtown blocks. The many theatres from Greensboro to High Point are filled with choral and band performances or captivating plays every week. Art thrives here, and we’re so lucky to call this place home.

TAG art group photo featuring kids
Theatre Art Galleries (TAG)

As the arts council, ArtsGreensboro provides critical funding to artists and arts organizations across the region to help sustain and grow our arts sector. Many of these grants give creatives life-changing opportunities to take their passion to the next level. The financial support awarded to these arts organizations allows them to share their craft with the world and inspire others to unleash their inner artist. To keep the creativity flowing, the arts need us.

On November 29, millions worldwide are encouraged to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity by participating in Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global movement that harnesses the power of doing something good and encourages people everywhere to give back. At ArtsGreensboro, we challenge everyone to give back to the arts community that gives us so much. On this Giving Tuesday, consider giving to your favorite arts organization and keep the arts alive in Guilford County.

The arts are always here for us. They bring us joy, happiness, and peace in times of frustration and uncertainty. They allow us to express ourselves in ways that words alone can’t. They serve as a creative outlet, a way for us to decompress and unplug from the real world. And most of all, they unite us as a community. The arts are always here for us. It’s time for us to be there for the arts. Support your arts community on November 29 and help foster their art story.

the Bel Canto choral group performing in a church
Bel Canto by Devin Lane

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