Partnerships Matter: Cone Health

Today, we honor the partnerships that support, enrich, and make possible the work of The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (The ACGG). Our community is built on a synergy of tradition, trade, culture, and commerce. In joining hands, we uplift our collective community identity through placemaking, programs, and more to honor our past and celebrate a shared future. Creative partnerships are vital, permeating our society from tourism to the waiting room lobby.

How does a parking garage symbolize partnership? In the case of Cone Health, a local not-for-profit healthcare network, it shows the relationship between art, health, and economy. Over the years, Cone Health has been a valuable partner to The ACGG, coming together to bring 2-D and 3-D art to community spaces in Greater Greensboro.

Example of a signature digital screen. Photo courtesy of FlexFacades.

“ There is real power in partnership”, says Jennifer Shoffner of Cone Health. “I truly believe that we can solve more by working together than we can alone. As an organization, one of Cone Health’s strengths is bringing groups together. We are forging partnerships with all kinds of local organizations, with a goal to help people in our communities thrive”.

Most recently, Cone Health and The ACGG have partnered to bring a signature digital artwork to a prominent 224-linear-foot Parking Garage Structure in Greensboro. Through a selection process facilitated by The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, a digital artist will create an original artwork, gracing the exterior of the parking structure adjacent to Cone Health’s forthcoming $200 Million Heart and Vascular Center.

Through a shared vision and collaboration, this art will be visible from Wendover Avenue, serving as a beacon of creativity and community engagement for all who pass by.

The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is grateful for each of our partners for their commitment, contribution, and collaboration. If you are interested in partnering with The ACGG to continue making Greater Greensboro a place where people can live, work, and stay, please visit to get connected!