Season of Thanks – Nancy Hoffman

As part of the season of thanks, we continue to feature a few individuals, known and unsung, who are helping to keep our art community strong and vibrant. Today, we are giving thanks to City Council Member Nancy Hoffmann.
Nancy Hoffmann’s impact on the arts is well known. Appointed by Mayor Vaughan, Nancy and Jacquie Gilliam led a city-wide task force to develop Greensboro’s arts and culture plan. Almost eighteen months of work went into the plan. The resulting Cultural Arts Master Plan, adopted by City Council in December 2018, is now a road map for much of what will happen in the arts for the next decade.
Nancy is an astute businesswoman. As a managing director at Reffett Associates, she led as an executive search consultant, focused on the retail environment. Nancy understands retail and merchandising, which is critical in forging a brand identity—whether as an individual or business. Nancy has applied these same skills to help build a more vibrant arts community. There is no question there is great art happening in Greensboro. Nancy knows a lot of what we need is to tell the authentic story of what is locally grown. And we need to build on that to establish a stronger economic base.
Nancy is a patron of the arts. She is a supporter of countless arts and cultural organizations, from ArtsGreensboro to GreenHill to EMF to the Public Art Endowment. She gives generously and gives her time. But it is not just the arts—she is involved in many different interest areas, from economic development to talent development and retention. Education to healthcare to food and housing insecurity. Whatever it takes to be a stronger, inclusive city. An abbreviated list of organizations she has served as a leader: ArtsGreensboro (ex officio), Public Art Endowment (Steering Committee), GreenHill Center for NC Art (Board), Convention and Visitors Bureau (Board), Chamber of Commerce (Advisory Board), North Carolina Folk Festival (Board), Weatherspoon Art Museum Foundation (Board), Reading Connections (Board), Touring Theatre of North Carolina (Board), Music for a Great Space (Board) and recently appointed to the NC Local Government Commission by Governor Cooper where she will ensure that NC municipilities remain fiscally strong.  
We are grateful for and give thanks to Nancy for her passion for the arts, tireless advocacy, and leadership.