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Support Artists like Katie Podracky and Duane Cyrus

Greensboro Artists Need YOU!

Each year, ArtsGreensboro is able to support hundreds of artists across the greater Greensboro area with funding needed for art projects. Artist Support Grants help creatives buy supplies, upgrade their workspaces, and any other necessary expenses that keep them creating. Read below to learn how artists Duane Cyrus and Katie Podracky were impacted by Artist Support Grants. 

Your partnership allows us to fulfill our mission to elevate the arts by creating awareness and promoting the vibrancy of our city; amplifying the impact the arts have in building a strong and thriving community for all citizens; and supporting arts organizations, artists, and teachers through grants, shared services, and professional development. Please consider making a donation to the ArtsFund by June 30, 2022, to keep art alive in Greensboro. 

Katie Podracky, Visual Artist

Artist Katie Podracky standing in front of her painting.

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the beautiful feature in the ArtsGreensboro for this grant and the support in the May newsletter! I got several new print orders and email sign-ups the day you guys sent that out, and I appreciate it so much!”

About Katie Podracky

Katie Wall Podracky is an oil painter and mixed media artist creating signature colorful paintings out of her studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. Southern, playful and full of joy, Katie’s work embodies over 20 years of exploring color, brushwork and the pure delight of moving paint on a surface. To learn more, visit her website.

Duane Cyrus, Professional Choreographer

“The Artist Support Grant is helping me generate the momentum to expand the scope of my voice locally as well as nationally. Funding from the support grant will help me demonstrate how being a creative artist is not just about the individual artist but about the community the individual artist generates and serves.”

About Duane Cyrus

Duane Cyrus is a performing and creative artist whose work explores the tenets of cultural values through dance and movement. Rooted in research into Black American and Caribbean culture, Cyrus’ choreographic and directed works fluidly negotiate the physical capabilities and possibilities of the human body in motion and in conceptual environments. His background as a performer, a community collaborator, and as a teacher serves as the foundation for a multi-leveled approach that melds a range of performance genres and styles with an equally broad range of people to question social norms through accessible, touchable, and relevant engagements. In creating visually and emotionally stimulating scenes, Cyrus seeks to transform and shift the viewer’s perception of that which is observed––challenging the monolithic paradigm between the voyeuristic and passively invisible observer and the inscrutably remote performer. To learn more about Duane, visit his website.

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