The 2021 ArtsGreensboro Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Do you love the arts? Do you like to participate in challenges? Do you like to go sight-seeing? If you said yes to all of them, you’d enjoy this fun DIY annual event, the ArtsGreensboro Public Art Scavenger Hunt! This is a FREE and FAMILY-FRIENDLY event for everyone to have fun while experiencing the amazing art that Greensboro has to offer. 

First, register on, and in return, you’ll receive a code to download an app. Second, gather a “safely-distanced” team (or go through it alone) and travel all around Greensboro, seeing beautiful murals, sculptures, statues, and more. You’ll get the chance to answer some trivia/multiple-choice questions and develop your unique response regarding the artwork. Don’t forget the pics! Capture your favorite artworks in photos/videos and post them on social media using the hashtag #iHEARTARTSMONTH. You’ll have the entire month of April celebrating “I Heart Arts” month to complete these challenges!

Plus, as a reward, there will be prizes in each category

  • Best Aesthetic Photo
  • Most Inspirational Reflection
  • Most Points Overall

Sign up today and explore the vibrant arts of Greensboro as we invite you to experience our history, our present, and our future.

For more information, contact ArtsGreensboro at 336.373.7523 or visit

Now answer this question

The Greensboro Cultural Center is a multipurpose art facility filled with exhibitions, performance venues, studio spaces, and more! Where is this specifically located?

Bonus: On the first floor of the Cultural Center, the Van Dyke Performance Space is in honor of who?