The Professional Development Hub

Kim Varnadoe, an Artist Support Grantee, in her studio

The Professional Development Hub introduced by The ACGG is an initiative to address the gap between being an artist and an entrepreneur. It aims to provide artists with the necessary business skills and resources to succeed in running a small creative business. Since many artists may not have received formal business training and may not consider themselves business owners, this work is crucial to the sustainability of our creative community.

The Hub’s main component, the Professional Development Survey, assesses where artists currently stand in their professional development journey. This assessment will help tailor the support and resources provided to each artist’s specific needs. By connecting artists with partner organizations that focus on entrepreneurial development, the Hub ensures that the artists receive expert guidance and opportunities for growth.

The collaboration with multiple partners, including SCORE, Accelerate GSO, GTCC, Center for Creative Economies, Triangle Art Works, and others, strengthens the program’s impact. Instead of reinventing existing professional development opportunities, the Hub leverages the expertise and resources of these partners to create a more efficient and effective system for artists.

The support from Guilford County and other funding partners, as well as the North Carolina Arts Council, further validates the importance of this initiative and the recognition of the value it brings to artists and the creative community.

By addressing the business skills gap and providing support for artists’ professional and artistic development, the Professional Development Hub will likely have a significant positive impact on the careers and aspirations of artists. It aligns with The ACGG’s mission to invest in artists’ growth and helps artists take their art business to the next level. The Hub’s online nature makes it accessible and convenient for artists to participate and benefit from the resources available.