Your Arts Story: Celebrate Universal Day of Music

Bel Canto

Music is one of the longest-standing traditions in history. Cultures around the world for centuries have used music as a way to bring people together. Music is often at the center of social activities, religious rituals, ceremonies, and other major celebrations. Through the movement of people and ideas, music has evolved into the hundreds of genres and subgenres we recognize today.

On World Music Day, we challenge you to broaden your pallet and listen to something new. Whether you’re a professional musician or someone who just likes to jam out in the car, music inspires us all. Get the music flowing this month with these five challenges:

  1. Listen to a new genre of music – While we all have our favorite playlists, take a moment to download some songs you may not usually try. New music is a great way to learn about different cultures and expand your understanding of the world around you.
  2. Take a music lesson – There are several opportunities to learn music across Greensboro. Many of our grantees offer beginner lessons and masterclasses for aspiring musicians of all ages. Check out for upcoming classes this October, from vocal to instrumental music.
  3. Attend a show – In addition to the plethora of music lessons, local arts organizations are opening their seasons this fall. Engaging with live music offers an experience that headphones cannot replicate. Music is live art, and the connection between live performers and the audience offers a different perspective.
  4. Research the origins of your favorite music genre – As we know, music is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Most modern music we enjoy today was created during times when people needed to express themselves most. Take a few minutes to Google your favorite songs and genres and see what lead to their creation. 
  5. Support local musicians – Greensboro is full of talented musicians. Help our aspiring artists grow by attending their shows and streaming their music online. You never know; the next big artist could be right here in GSO!
Cascada de Flores by Music for a Great Space

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