Your Arts Story: Ways to Enrich Your Arts Experience

By Rabia Kang, Marketing and Development Intern

Art plays a vital role in unifying and challenging the community to do better. Unfortunately, the arts face many challenges. Supporting the arts in as many ways as you can is crucial to allowing the arts to prosper and grow in the community, as well as to enriching your arts experience and growing your story.

1. Donate
Funding remains a key issue for the arts. No donation is too small – every act of generosity allows artists and organization to continue their meaningful work.

2. In-Person and Virtual Engagement
Showing up to events is not only an enjoyable experience but also helps artists gain recognition and grow. Organizations may call on the community for help through volunteering. You can also support the arts virtually by attending exhibitions and events online!

3. Social Media
Social media is a prevalent and powerful tool that can be used to elevate the arts and expose their work to larger audiences. Leaving positive reviews and feedback can make a true difference for artists and organizations.

4. Commission or Buy Locally
Support small and local art businesses and artists by commissioning or purchasing artwork. Such support directly goes to the artists, allowing them to continue pursuing their craft, especially in light of the pandemic.

5. Take Classes
Attending classes is another way to engage in and support the local arts. Many artists and organizations offer classes to the community ranging from pottery to painting to contemporary dance. You can explore your artistic abilities and gain valuable experience learning first-hand from local artists.

6. Buy A Membership
Purchase a membership from local art museums or institutions, which usually includes free and unlimited access to your chosen institution’s exhibitions. Memberships can also give you the opportunity to attend special events, access discounts, and meet others who appreciate the arts. If you are a regular at your local gallery or museum, consider becoming a member to access the perks and grow your appreciation for the arts!

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