Community Elevation Grant Program

Our Vision

ArtsGreensboro provides opportunities where art and culture can play a role in community development and revitalization by using art-based solutions to solve community issues. The Community Elevation Grant Program aims to empower a collective vision for thriving, vibrant, and inclusive neighborhoods that spur positive community development driven by those who directly benefit. The goal is to establish a space that is multigenerational for residents to activate and enjoy.

The Community Elevation Grant Program aims to establish a collective vision for thriving, vibrant, and inclusive neighborhoods that spur positive community development driven by those who directly benefit. Long-term goals are based on data derived from other cities and research on community building through the arts. They include helping youth reach their full potential, encouraging civic engagement, and enriching communities and beautifying neighborhoods through integrative and inclusive arts that foster neighborhood investments.

a man spray painting th eside of a brick building
painting on the side of and old brick building. It reads: "together, we create!" The words are black with a white outline.

Selected projects promote creativity and use an artistic approach to bring a community together. Success for the CEG program is defined by the level of community participation in engagement activities, the ability of organizations, businesses, and creatives to build meaningful partnerships and collaborations within the neighborhood, and the opportunities presented for active listening and storytelling. ArtsGreensboro wants to support local artists serving their communities. The voice of the community is at the center of this grant program. Community members will have a direct say in how the community elevation grant money is spent and how they wish to see their community flourish.  

This program is structured on the concept of creative placemaking. Creative placemaking is a cross-sector collaboration to change the physical and social character of a neighborhood through the arts. Community input in the planning and implementation process is the defining factor. ArtsGreensboro wants to satisfy the artistic and cultural needs of the community while supporting local creatives. These projects will reunite the community after recent challenges and foster a sense of family across the many neighborhoods of East Greensboro.

A "human" made out of terraotta flower pots sitting in a garden

East Greensboro, NC

The Community Elevation Grant is location specific and focuses on the needs of East Greensboro, NC. East Greensboro is comprised of city council districts one and two. This community is rich in culture and history, but it is often overlooked during city planning. This grant is designed to fill these gaps and help East Greensboro sustain the community they deserve.

To reach the members of the community, ArtsGreensboro has appointed a street team to directly interact with residents. This diverse group of people all have unique ties to the community and a desire to see their home grow. The street team will conduct several active listening discussions throughout the summer to develop a plan for the creative projects in the community. 

City council district mpa of Greensboro, NC. Last updated 2022 elections.

How to Apply

The Community Elevation Grant Program is open to all creatives in the area. Individuals, cross-sector collaboratives, nonprofit or for-profit organizations are all welcome to apply. ArtsGreensboro defines a creative as anyone who expresses themself through visual art, music, dance, culinary arts, cosmetology and barbering, landscape and garden design, and any other creative outlet. Criteria for application include:

  • Community Benefit and Engagement
  • Artistic and Cultural Merit
  • Community Diversity
  • Access to Additional Financial or In-Kind Support

The Community Elevation Grant application will open in Fall 2022. Email Darlene McClintonfor more information regarding the grant. Grants will range from $2,000-$10,000 with the total grant pool equalling $50,000.

Community Elevation Grant Funders

The Community Elevation Grant program is made possible with support from:

  • Truist Foundation
  • Cone Health Foundation
  • Cone Mills Charitable Trust
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • VF Foundation
  • Mary Lynn Richardson Fund
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Joseph M. Bryan Foundation.
  • The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • ArtsGreensboro ArtsFund Donors
abstract mural on the side of the building. The art includes images that look like tree branches on a colorful background. The sky is visible.