Arts in Business Award

Working in partnership with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and the Guilford Merchants Association, the Arts in Business Award honors small businesses (both for-profit and non-profit) in the Greensboro area for leadership, commitment, and outstanding initiatives with the arts and arts organizations in any of these ways:

  • Incorporating the art in the workplace
  • Furthering the educational development of youth
  • Enhancing the economic vitality of the community
  • Enriching the quality of live in our community

Award Criteria:

  1. Nominees must be a Greensboro small business with 100 or fewer employees within the greater Greensboro area. Foundations, individual philanthropists, government agencies and arts organizations are not eligible to compete. Self-nominations are accepted.
  2. Recipients must have a significant impact on the arts through a variety of activities or through a single project of significant magnitude.


Award presented at the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Award Luncheon in mid to late April.