Festival Grant Program

The heart of every vibrant community beats to the rhythm of culture and art, especially in Greensboro. The Festival Grant Program empowers non-profit organizations to showcase the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage and traditions through art-based festivals.

Our Vision 

We believe in the power of festivals and cultural events to preserve our unique traditions, foster communal pride, and strengthen our local economy. This Festival Grant Program is the cornerstone of our strategy to ensure these valuable cultural experiences continue to thrive and expand in Greater Greensboro.

Application Period is Now Closed – Check back in March 2025.

How to Apply

The Festival Grant Program includes a competitive application process that specifically applies to art-based festivals.

Federally recognized non-profit organizations that champion programs benefiting our residents and visitors while spotlighting cultural heritage and traditions may apply. A strong track record in event planning is a plus, but not a necessity—passion and purpose are what we value most.

Successful applicants will receive notification of funding decisions in January, enabling them to plan and execute their events effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the Festival Grant Program?

A: Eligible applicants are federally recognized non-profit organizations based in Guilford County. Organizations not holding non-profit status may apply through a fiscal agent that meets all eligibility criteria. See below for more eligibility details.

Q: Can an organization submit multiple funding requests in a fiscal year?

A: No, the program only considers one funding request from the same organization within a single fiscal year to ensure a wide distribution of funds.

Q: What types of events does the Festival Grant Program support?

A: The program supports art-based festivals in Guilford County. Events should enrich the cultural experience of the community and attract visitors.

Q: Are there any event types not eligible for the grant?

A: Yes, events solely for fundraising, sports with no cultural component, events associated with religious organizations, private clubs that exclude minors, political purposes, and trade shows, among others, are not eligible.

Q: What is the application deadline for the Festival Grant Program?

A: All applications must be submitted by the specified deadline on the application portal. Successful applicants will receive notification of their awards depending on the grant cycle timeline. 

Q: How much funding can be awarded to successful applicants?

A: Grants range from $1,000 to $2,000 and are intended to complement the event’s budget without exceeding 50% of the total projected expenses.

Q: What are the strategic focuses of the Festival Grant Program?

A: The program strategically engages diverse audiences, supports local businesses, and promotes Guilford County’s creative spirit through unique artistic and cultural expressions.

Q: How will my event be evaluated for a grant?

A: Events will be evaluated based on their fit with the program’s goals, marketing strategy, potential to engage the community, and overall viability, including past success and community support.

Q: When and how are grant funds disbursed?

A: Grant funds will be distributed in two equal installments: the first half at the contract’s execution and the second half after the event’s completion and upon receipt of a comprehensive final report.

Q: Are there any post-award requirements for grantees?

A: Grantees must secure all necessary permits, provide updates on funding status, and submit a final report within 90 days of the event’s completion. They must also display The ACGG logo on event materials and receive approval for its use.

Q: How can I apply?

A: Complete this application form to submit your event for consideration.


  • Organizations must be federally recognized non-profit entities based in Guilford County to be eligible for the program. However, if an applying organization isn’t a non-profit, it can use a fiscal agent for its application. This fiscal agent must meet all applicant eligibility criteria. Additionally, the organizational mission should revolve around programs that benefit Guilford County residents and visitors and have the potential to enhance the local culture and vitality. Applicants must also demonstrate experience in planning processes, preferably for at least one year.
  • The program will not consider more than one funding request from the same organization in a single fiscal year.
  • The program excludes certain types of events from consideration. These include solely fundraising events, sporting or athletic events with no demonstrated link to artistic or cultural activities, events related to churches or religious organizations, government agencies or offices, businesses or private clubs that exclude minors as patrons, and residential projects. Additionally, events used for political purposes, demonstrations, marches, rallies, or protests, as well as trade shows, trade fairs, business conferences, workshops, employee training, professional development activities, and events involving scholarships, prizes, cash awards, additions to endowment funds, deficit or debt reduction, lobbying, building construction or renovation, equipment or real property purchases, hospitality, and re-granting, are not eligible for funding.
  • Events must occur within Guilford County, ensuring the program’s benefits remain local.

Help us celebrate Greensboro’s unique culture through festivals and events in our communities.