Writing a Grant FAQ

Prepare to Write

  • A grant application needs to be aligned with the organization you are applying to. Each organization has its own mission, vision, and goals. As a grant recipient, you are doing the community groundwork, so how are you aligned with the goals of the organization you are applying to?
  • Make reading the requirements a routine. The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro receives funding for grants from local, state, and federal sources, each with their own reporting requirements. Check the grant application form to see where funding is coming from and read about that organization.
  • Deadlines matter. To be fair to all applicants, The ACGG has to honor deadlines. Mark your calendars to remember!
  • Get a head start. Review the application requirements to know what you need and give yourself plenty of time in case you have questions.

Writing the Grant Application

  • Gather all the resources and documents you need. Look at the application guidelines to see what you need and the correct formatting. Make sure that you submit all the required documents – Your application may not be considered otherwise.
  • Follow directions. Focus on answering the questions posed concisely. You will have space to add extra, relevant information, but don’t write fluff.
  • Be clear and compelling. Reviewers are always reading through applications. Your application will stand out if it is concise, impactful, and free of typos.
  • Your reviewer might not know you. The ACGG partners with outside panelists that are members of the community to help review grant applications. Assume that your reviewer doesn’t know about your organization. Avoid acronyms, unless previously explained.
  • Read through your drafted application. Make sure everything aligns, including your mission, programming, and budget.
  • Highlight your needs and strengths. Why should you receive this funding? What are your needs and how would grant funding help us to achieve shared goals?
  • Share photos. A picture is worth 1,000 words, or so they say. If you have access to photos that show the impact of your organization’s work, please share them in your application!
  • Present financial data. We are looking for organizations that will be good stewards of grant funding. Part of our grant applications is checking to see if you have the cash and financial resources to meet obligations. If there have been financial bumps in the road, explain why.
  • Build a realistic budget. Plans should be feasible, and you should be able to show that you can leverage other funds to help support your mission.
  • Know your audience. Each organization has a different part to play in our community. Who are you serving? Be honest about where expansion and inclusion can grow.
  • Get feedback. Get a second or third pair of eyes on your application before turning things in. Try running your narrative through a software like Grammarly to help catch any typos.

Have Questions?

  • We are here to help! We are here to support you and want to see you succeed! Please give us a call at (336) 373-7523, send us an email at grants@theacgg.org, or set up a time to chat. Let’s talk about how we can serve our shared community!