Together We Make A Difference

Photo courtesy of Dance Project, Inc.

We know that creative communities thrive. That’s why ArtsGreensboro leads a community-wide campaign each year to support our local arts economy. The annual economic impact from our county’s arts industry has grown four-fold in just the last ten years  – from $38 million in 2007 to over $162 million in 2017  – and it’s just the beginning. 

With the support of many, ArtsGreensboro continues to help arts organizations (large and small), individual artists, art teachers, and other creative types by shining a light on what they are doing and helping them provide wonderful experiences through art.

With your help the arts will continue to be a driving force in our quality of life. Your annual donation to ArtsGreensboro has a wide impact on our city, keeping it vibrant and providing access to the arts for everyone.


Photo courtesy of GreenHill Center for NC Art.

Thank you to all Arts Giving Donors for
Joining the Movement

Marikay Abuzuaiter

Hattie Aderholdt

Terry Akin & Barb Steslow

Mia Alsup

Adair Armfield

Analise Bahneman

Terry Ball

Zizi Barhouma

Anthony Bengel

Catena Bergevin

Kathleen Bonfoey

Andrew Bowen

Lynn Bresko

Charlie and Lois Brummitt

Frances Bullock

Diana Clark

Louann Clarke

Thomas Cone

Kaitlin and Spencer Conover

Brenda Cox

Hadley Creekmuir

Lawrence Czarda

Ranvir Dhaliwal

Braulio Estevez

Linda Smith Fields

Phillip Fleischmann

Kenneth Gumbiner

Josephine Hall

April Harris

Elizabeth Harry

Sarah Healy

Susan Hendrickson

Elizabeth Holland

Betsy Johnson

Tony LeTrent Jones

Joyce A. Jones

Denny Kelly

Timothy Lane

Jane Law

Sam LeBauer

Lau Lennon

Pat Levitin

Ann Lindberg

Sarah Malino

Johanna Martin

Kimberly Martin

David McGraw

Lou McMillion

Karen Meacham

Jaymie Meyer

Douglas Mokaren

Nancy Oschell

Steven Patton

Barbara Peck

George Pleasants

Peter Reichard for Lynda Simmons

Susan Ridenour

Eugenia Schwartz

Tamara Slaughter

Stephanie Strandberg

Kelly Swindell

Antonio Tedesco

Sandra Teglas

Tammi Thurm

Robert Thurston

Stuart Vaughan

Laura Way

Mary Wessling

Rich Whittington

Ashley Wigglesworth

Mary & Art Winstead

Jasmine Wood

Andy Zimmerman


You can still Join the Movement and help build a more vibrant city with art and creativity.


Make your gift to the ArtsFund today, text ARTSGSO to 44-321,

 or call our offices at 336.373.7523

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