My Arts Story: Alyce Barrett

As a lifelong artist who grew up in New Orleans, the arts and all forms of creative expression are in every fiber of my being. Immersed in a creative family made an undeniable impression on how I see the world. In New Orleans, we see ourselves as culture bearers where the arts bring us together. They are timeless and contemporary. Familiar and innovative.

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans or know a New Orleanian, you understand how deeply ingrained arts and culture are in our DNA. Like many young children, ballet and piano lessons were early practices that expanded my love of painting. The Jazz Festival, which I’ve always considered a birthday gift to myself, is still my favorite event, and I go home as often as possible to attend it.

The toughest question I ever get is to pick my favorite art form. Quite literally, I simply love them all. While I am primarily a painter, I usually work with anything that inspires me; what I create sometimes surprises even me. I love to work when inspired by someone I’ve just met or had an experience that moved me. It has been a great outlet to express myself.

My role at The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is a perfect intersection of my love of the arts, my passion for keeping the arts alive in my Greensboro home, and my professional background. Art in Greensboro comes in many shapes and sizes and is as diverse as the community that nurtures them. I love seeing emerging artists’ dreams come true or a small organization growing to serve the community beyond what they initially envisioned possible.

As Development Director, I can connect my passion for the creative community, my experiences, and the need for a broad approach to sharing the impactful work being done. There is so much to share, and I look forward to sharing it with you. Thank you for supporting the arts!