My Arts Story: Andrena Coleman

Board Member at The ACGG

My involvement in the arts ties together different threads of my life, not unlike the quilts I make. 

During my time at Bennett College, I learned how a collection and exhibition are put together. This experience sparked a lasting passion for the arts, laying the foundation for what would become a significant part of my life. About fifteen years ago, I stumbled upon quilting as a means of self-expression and creative exploration. What began as a personal endeavor evolved into a collection of purposeful pieces, ranging from bedcoverings to wall hangings and even reupholstered furniture.

My quilts have found homes in esteemed spaces such as the African American Atelier and the Delta Arts Center. One of the highlights of my artistic journey was the international exhibit, “Conscience of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela” in Johannesburg, South Africa, where my work stood among those of a hundred quilters. Another memorable moment was a collaboration with writer James Mayes in the joint exhibition “Sojourn,” where his words harmonized with my quilts, creating a captivating blend of storytelling.

As the owner and designer of Drena’s Dream Quintessential Quilts, my studio at Revolution Mill is not just a place to create but a space where art enthusiasts can explore the narratives woven into each piece. My commitment to the arts community extends beyond my studio; I’m actively involved with the African American Atelier and, more recently, accepted the role of a board member at The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro. 

With a background in public health, I bring a unique perspective to The ACGG, bridging the worlds of health and creativity. And within the tapestry of my life, there’s a loving family – my daughter Jocelyn, son-in-law Matthew Brown, and four grandchildren – who inspire and remind me daily of the transformative power of art. Through my quilts and service to The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, I aim to contribute to the vibrant artistic tapestry of Greensboro, enriching the community with stories of resilience, creativity, and connection.