My Arts Story: Charlotte Marcellus

Marketing Manager at The ACGG

Recently, I played an icebreaker game where I had to describe my life in a six-word sentence. After mulling it over, I scribbled “I will continue to grow intentionally” on the provided notecard. I think this short phrase encapsulates my creative journey that led me to The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.

From dress-up bins to cardboard boxes, I have always seen the potential for creative expression in people and things since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My brother will still recount stories of how I begged and bribed him to perform and sing with me at every family holiday and on every outdoor stage I encountered. It was this early love for diverse performing and visual arts that set the course for my years of study. Continuing to climb in my creative journey, I went to college in the mountains of North Carolina, studying Arts Management and Nonprofit Management at Appalachian State University. It was during my time there that I reconnected with my hometown in Greensboro by volunteering with and later accepting a position as the Community Outreach and Education intern with The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.

It was during my time as an intern that I experienced the heart of Greensboro’s thriving arts community through the work being done at The ACGG. Working on the Community Elevation Grant Program that summer, I had the opportunity to be involved with and learn from the folks in East Greensboro as we actively listened for community needs, bringing diverse voices to the table for input and agency. To my excitement, I was invited back to the team full-time at The Art Council of Greater Greensboro after I graduated to serve creatives and strengthen communities through the arts firsthand.

Building a thriving arts community is about choosing to grow intentionally and seeing the potential within our community for arts to bring us together. The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is at the forefront of these efforts, building capacity, resiliency, and sustainability within our creative community. From each of of the individuals on The ACGG team, I see the dedication and belief in this cause, knowing that the work doesn’t happen without commitment. The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is making an impact within our community, and it is a privilege to be a part of it!