My Arts Story: Jamilla Pinder

Board Member at The ACGG

In my role as the Director of Equity and Community Engagement at Cone Health Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of navigating the intersections between healthcare and the arts. It’s been a journey of reimagining what it means to be a healthcare professional and a proponent of holistic well-being.

Health, in its various forms, shares common ground with the arts, converging at the crossroads of well-being. From music therapy to arts-based interventions, we’ve explored spaces that foster comprehensive wellness. At Cone Health, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with artists in the community, bridging the gap between healthcare and creative expression.

My involvement as a board member at the Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (The ACGG) has both personal and professional motivations. I firmly believe in the mission that arts are for everyone. They play pivotal roles in economic activity, housing, and health, serving as catalysts for healing, preventative care, and holistic welfare.

Supporting artists engaged in community prosperity is a commitment close to my heart. For our community to be strong, we have to ask questions about how we can leverage our capital to support artistic careers that contribute to our collective health. It boils down to recognizing the impact of artists as wellness practitioners. Whether it’s the Elsewhere residency by Justus Harris promoting education and awareness of Type 1 Diabetes through art or addressing anxiety and depression through art-based media, art and health go hand-in-hand. The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro has facilitated numerous artistic activation projects at Cone Health facilities, bringing art to patients and healthcare workers.


My professional career at Cone Health Foundation revolves around community engagement and impact. Cone Health Foundation is strategically moving its resources towards preventative measures by tackling the social determinants of health, aiming to address the root causes of health disparities in our community. After working hours, you can often find me partnering with grassroots organizations, faith-based groups, and initiatives like Safer Cities, where I work across various neighborhoods to support education, safe housing, food security, and economic mobility. 

In essence, the arts are not just a form of expression but potent drivers of positive change. It’s a privilege to be part of organizations that recognize the power of art in fostering community well-being and influencing societal health at large.