My Arts Story: Jeremiah Meyer

Art Student

Jeremiah Meyer, “Self Portrait”, Charcoal on Paper, 2023

Having been born and raised in Greensboro, I feel an affinity for the art scene here, be it the visual arts, performing arts, you name it.

I am a graduate of Weaver Academy, in the visual art department, and am currently a sophomore in the Art Department at UNC-Asheville. Art has defined and characterized much of my life, from the childhood classes that I took at the Center of Visual Arts to the seven-week painting intensive program I recently attended at Mt. Gretna School of Art in Pennsylvania this summer. My artistic practice has actually reached the stars through a patch design competition for the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) where my design was flown on the International Space Station.

I primarily draw and paint, which has been my way of understanding and connecting with the world around me. I grew up surrounded by visual art, but I also took piano lessons from second through eleventh grades, so music plays a significant role in my life. Many of my friends from high school were actually in the guitar and music production programs at Weaver. Nowadays, I primarily play guitar and the banjo, and I often play the banjo that my Dad gave me when I’m at college. Weaver exposed me to a variety of artistic disciplines, and I’ve developed an appreciation for all of them. Being in a creative community has a way of inspiring your own passion.

Greensboro is actually a very artsy town – there are so many opportunities to get involved in all of the various art forms, and The ACGG supports many of the things I’ve been involved in – everything from the Center for Visual Artists where I took my first art classes, to GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art, where I will actually have my work shown in this year’s Winter Show exhibition.

When I’m not making art, or in class, some of the things I enjoy most include hiking, camping, playing music, and seeing concerts.